Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock: Release date, cast and trailer

Drawing heavily from archival films and interviews, Netflix’s Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock is an upcoming docuseries on the French rock icon Johnny Hallyday.

Release date

Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock releases exclusively on Netflix on March 29.

Cast and creators

  • Johnny Hallyday
  • Line Renaud
  • Jean-Marie Perier
  • Yarol Poupaud
  • Phillippe Labro

Directed by: Alexandre Danchin, Jonathan Gallaud


“The legend told by the legend itself. Johnny Hallyday, the king of French rock and roll, tells us his own story, with his very own words. A documentary series which invites you to discover more about France’s most iconic singer.”

Other details

Hallyday is credited for popularizing the Pop and Rock and Roll genres in France. On 5th December 2017, at 74, he died of lung cancer.


Johnny Hallyday invites fans and viewers into his inside life while reflecting on his success, his faults, his fame and his changing relationship with the stage

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