Jaane Jaan cast and creators share their thoughts on the film ahead of release

Jaane Jaan is a Netflix thriller film set to release on 21 September and the cast and creators of the film shared their experiences during the launch of the trailer.

Jaane Jaan stars Kareena Kapoor Khan, Jaideep Ahlawat, and Vijay Varma, and is directed by Sujoy Ghosh. It is produced by 12th Street Entertainment, and Northern Lights Films in association with Kross Pictures and Balaji Motion Pictures and was filmed in Kalimpong.

Speaking about her streaming debut, Kareena Kapoor Khan shared this: “I think I’m more nervous than I was 23 years ago. Yeah, for the first time because I just feel like I was watching the promo even so closely on a television screen.

“So people are watching me so, so close in their homes. I think it’s something I don’t know. I’m obviously nervous, but I know one thing for sure we all have worked really hard.

“Of course, every actor in whichever film works really hard. But I think Sujoy made a fantastic film because I believe in him.”

Director Sujoy Ghosh was asked about the melding genres, and he had this to say: “In this case, it was a bit easy because I had that book in my hand. I was given it on a plate, so it was just a process of taking it and adapting it.

“But the book was, for me, it was always a love story. When you read the book, people tell you it’s a thriller, it’s a murder mystery, it’s this and that.

“But for me, this was just a pure love story: a man who would do anything for love and he didn’t expect anything in return. That’s the bit which I had difficulty doing because I’m not like that.”

On the contribution of his cast, he added: “And I needed somebody, I needed my King Kong to come in, to give his unrequited love. And Jaideep came in, and then, of course, Kareena was there to take the character to another level.

“Then Vijay took on the mantle of three characters and made them into one. Actually, they are the ones who made it so easy.”

Speaking about his character in the film, Vijay Varma stated: “So it was the role of a good police officer, so, I felt like it was a welcome change for me and all the audience who I’ve traumatized in the past with my portrayals on screen, so this was a welcome, refreshing change for me.

“And second, second of all, I think the character demanded a certain kind of physical prowess and skills, which my very couch-friendly body wasn’t very familiar with. So I put myself in grilling training for four months to get to where I had to, thanks to Sujoyda, who made it happen for me. 

“I think it’s really a completely new take on what I’ve done in the past six years. I’ve completely stayed away from what I had created before. It’s a very new version of me and on screen.

“Actually, you’ve seen the trailers, There are glimpses of some action shoot, and there are glimpses of a certain kind of presence, which I didn’t have before, so that is new.”

Jaideep Ahlawat added: “Ever since I heard the script of Jaane Jaan, I was floored. This role gave me a completely new and never seen before look and offered me an opportunity to do something I’ve never done before and I’m so glad the audiences are getting to see a glimpse of that today.

“Working with Sujoy Ghosh was a dream come true, his directive lens helped me put my best foot forward. Sharing the screen space with Kareena Kapoor Khan, was truly amazing as she is a gem of a person.

“And of course, my good friend Vijay Varma, always a pleasure working with him! Our friendship goes way back since we were together in FTII as well.  I genuinely hope the audiences also appreciate me in this new avatar and enjoy watching this film as much as I enjoyed shooting for it.” 

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