Invincible season 2 to release in late 2023, Prime Video announces

Prime Video has announced a 2023 release for the animated superhero series Invincible season 2 through an official teaser.

The clip shows Allen The Alien telling Mark Grayson aka Invincible that it has been way too long since the first season aired and viewers are desperately waiting for a date.

Invincible to hesitant to commit to any date but after a little bit of pestering from Allen, he gives an estimate: late 2023. Invincible season 1 premiered back in April 2021 and fans have been waiting for a second season for almost two years.

Season 1 was based on Mark inheriting his superpowers from Omni-Man, his father, who belongs to an all-powerful alien species known as Viltrumites. 

Mark takes up the name Invincible and realises the burden of becoming a superhero, while his father harbors a deep, dark secret that could change everything.

At the end of the season, Omni-Man decides to leave Earth without conquering it as Allen The Alien warns Mark about the Viltrumite Empire and a future siege on the planet.

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