High Water: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

High Water is a Polish political drama series set during the times of the Wrocław flood in 1997, and tells the tale of a city trying to evacuate and save its residents.

Release date

High Water will be released on Netflix on October 5.

Cast and creators

  • Agnieszka Żulewska as Jasmina Tremer
  • Tomasz Schuchardt as Jakub Marczak
  • Ireneusz Czop as Andrzej Rebacz
  • Damian Krajczyk as Adam Rebacz
  • Kuba Sprenger as Maciek
  • Anna Dymna as Lena Tremer
  • Blanka Kot as Klara Marczak

Directed by Jan Holoubek and Bartłomiej Ignaciuk

Written by Kasper Bajon and Kinga Krzeminska


“In 1997, scientists and local government officials face life-and-death decisions when a destructive flood wave threatens the city. 

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The local authorities, led by the aspiring clerk Jakub Marczak, bring in Jaśmina Tremer, a female hydrologist with a troubled past, to help save the city at any cost. At the same time, Andrzej Rębacz returns to his hometown Kęty near Wrocław, unexpectedly leading the rebellious residents.”

Other details

The six episode show is set during and inspired by the real life events after a flood that hit Wrocław in Poland and surrounding areas like parts of Czech Republic and Germany in 1997.


Set in 1997 and inspired by real events, High Water tells the terrifying tale of devastating floods and the political powers that come into play during any situation of crisis.

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