Girliyapa’s The Glitch depicts ‘body switch’ of different generations

Girliyapa, which comes under TVF, has released its latest original comedy web series ‘The Glitch’ on YouTube. The first episode came out on December 15.

The cast includes Apoorva Arora, Sunita Rajwar, Himka Bose, Tithi Raj, Aakanksha Singh, Anant Singh, Shivankit Parihar.

The Glitch revolves around a shy 17-year-old girl and her cheerful 70-year-old grandmother who, one day, wake up to the shocking conclusion that their bodies have switched.

Now exhibiting each other’s personalities, their daily lives are about to shake up like never imagined. Will they be able to escape this unprecedented situation?

The trailer is filled with social media references such as the ‘WhatsApp forward chain’ and the ever-viral ‘Akshay Kumar meme’ from Ajnabee.

The Glitch follows the web series ‘The Intern’, starring Ahsaas Channa, Revathi Pillai and Rashmi Agdekar, which throws light on the plight of interns. It released on October 13.

The YouTube channel has also announced season 2 of its popular web series ‘Girls Hostel’, slated to release soon.

Here’s the full trailer of The Glitch:

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