Getting There: Kenny Sebastian’s new travel web series

Renowned Indian stand-up comedian Kenny Sebastian is set to host a new travel series titled ‘Getting There’.

Created in collaboration with Royal Enfield, the first episode will come out on March 2 via the comedian’s YouTube channel and feature illustrator Alicia Souza.

Sebastian stated on Instagram:

“The first episode is with the lovely Alicia Souza. Someone who I have been following for a while and also amazed at how pure and honest her work is. She hails from bangalore, a city that literally shaped who I am. From riding around the city during college to starting comedy… I have a special connection with the city and the artists it nourishes

“Getting there is a series that was possible thanks to @royalenfield, A company that has provided crafted machines making any destination possible. I jumped at the moment of bringing my two lives together, riding and conversations. I chose Bangalore cause it literally is the only city I like riding in.”

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