Funimation confirms app availability on Xbox series X|S at launch

Anime company, Funimation, has confirmed that its app will be available on Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox series X|S consoles at launch.

Microsoft itself has not specifically confirmed what apps will be available on the devices. However, the company’s online store is listing major OTT platforms like Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video to be featured on both.

Funimation has also confirmed that the app will be available on Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 console. Sony recently revealed that the PS5 will have integrated support for major OTT services as well.

Both companies are taking advantage of the growing digital space to win the race for producing the best gaming and entertainment system for the audience.

Xbox series X and S are set to launch on November 10 and will be priced at ₹49,990 and ₹34,990 respectively. The PS5 release date in India is still under wraps due to a copyright dispute.

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