Firsts Season 5 on Dice Media: Romantic original is back

Dice Media released the first look of Firsts Season 5. The short, romantic web-series will release on February 7, 2021, on YouTube.

The upcoming season stars Simran Natekar and Akashdeep Arora in lead roles. The series will feature the onscreen couple’s college life romance.

Arora can be seen on a wheelchair and as the hashtag says “how far will you go for love”, this instalment promises to be a heartwarming tale of love.

Though there is no trailer release, Dice Media announced the return through a poster on Twitter:

Firsts season 4 released in January, 2021 and was based on the subject of arranged marriage and the couple’s dynamics before their wedding. Season 4 starred Shreya Mehta and Rohan Khurana in the lead.

The third one explored the relationship between two women who live together during the lockdown. This season was praised by the viewers for its different and creative stand. It featured Shreya Gupto and Himika Bose.

The second one was about a love story which blossomed in lockdown, all thanks to modern technology and dating apps. The second season featured real-life couple Kriti Vij and Pranay Manchanda.

The first instalment of the series was a huge success and it featured Rohan Shah and Apoorva Arora. This one was about the romantic story of the first crush.

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