Firsts season 4 on Dice Media: Romantic short series returns

Dice Media released the trailer of season 4 of Firsts. The web series will release on 18th January 2021 on both Facebook and YouTube.

The season four of upcoming series stars Shreya Mehta and Rohan Khurana in the lead as Janhavi and Kabir. 

This instalment of Dice Media ‘Firsts’ explores the subject of arranged marriage and how the couple navigates through the dynamics of days before the marriage. 

Dice Media’s Firsts is a series of instalments featuring short web series delving into different themes each time. The first instalment was heartwarming with its mushy story about the first crush. The first instalment was a massive success starring Rohan Shah and Apoorva Arora.

The second one was all about first moves. It exhibited a love story which bloomed during lockdown with the blessing of modern technologies and dating apps. The second instalment features real-life couple Kriti Vij and Pranay Manchanda.

The third one explores the theme of the homosexual relationship between two women who move-in-together and embark on a journey of their firsts together during the lockdown. This instalment was much appreciated by the audience for its unique take. It stars Shreya Gupto and Himika Bose

Check out the trailer here:

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