Faraway: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Faraway is a German romantic comedy about a woman named Zeynep who leaves her home in search of a new life and is met with one newer than she expected.

Release date

Faraway premieres on March 8 on Netflix.

Cast and creator

  • Naomi Krauss as Zeynep Altin
  • Goran Bogdan as Josip Cega
  • Adnan Maral  as Ilyas Altin
  • Bahar Balci as Fia Altin
  • Artjom Gilz as Conrad
  • Davor Tomic as Drazen Cega

Director: Vanessa Jopp

Official synopsis

“Zeynep Altin (Naomi Krauss) is at the end of her tether. She’s overworked and pushed around by her husband, daughter, and aging father. Her mother’s death and her funeral, which nearly ends in total disaster, is the last straw for Zeynep – she leaves Munich and escapes to an island in Croatia.

“In the house her mother bought secretly years ago, and gifted to her in her will, she hopes to find peace, freedom, and herself. If only the former owner, Josip, an islander through and through, wasn’t still living on the same property…”

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Other details

Aside from English, multiple languages are spoken throughout the movie, including German, Croatian and Turkish.


Zeynep muses on the adventure and surprises of self-discovery as she navigates the novelty of living with Josip.

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