Eddie Redmayne on ‘The Good Nurse’: “It shook me up”

In an interview with Netflix, Eddie Redmayne revealed that his upcoming film ‘The Good Nurse’ unexpectedly challenged him due to the complexity of the character he plays; the serial killer Charlie Cullen.

The real-life murderer is estimated to have killed more than 400 victims while working as a nurse and is possibly the most prolific serial killer in history.

“This person was this weird hybrid of being translucent and skinless and vulnerable, whilst also being a total closed book.

“Anonymity was his tool and he got great power and a kick-off being sort of anonymous. So, it was how you make a character present whilst also being anonymous. That was the conflict for me,” he said

Redmayne added that it was also challenging to play someone whom he would never fully understand, and neither the extent of what he did.

“If you can’t answer why, is it enough as an actor to take on a character where you’re not going to be able to find the answers? Does that make sense? Is the process enough?”

“The Good Nurse shook me up a bit in a good way.”

The film premiered in theatres on October 19 and is set for Netflix release on October 26.

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