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Dickinson S2 on Apple TV+: One for literary fanatics

Creator of comedy-drama series ‘Dickinson’, Alena Smith, has whipped up yet another season to release on January 8 2021. Apple TV+ also released the trailer of the web series.

In contemporary times, a lot remains unknown about the life of famous American poet Emily Dickinson. Despite this, the poetess is considered one of the most important literary figures.

She wrote over 1800 poems, while only 10 were published in her lifetime. The published poems were heavily edited by the publishers to suit the ‘conventional literary’ taste of the audience. 

Smith attempts to trace this journey of Dickinson. Creator of the web series is giving a dash of modern perspective to the life of the poet back in the 19th century. The creator is using prolific literary work of the poetess to reflect on the contemporary time of the 21st century. 

The web series will star Hailee Steinfeld, Jane Krakowski, Anna Baryshnikov, Ella Hunt, Toby Huss and Adrian Blake Enscoe, and Wiz Khalifa, Nick Kroll, Timothy Simons, Ayo Edebiri, Will Pullen, Finn Jones, and Pico Alexander. 

19th century was a time period in human history when the dynamics of media and print revolutionalized completely. It was also a time when women writers weren’t celebrated much. Amidst this dynamism, the series explores the challenges faced by the young poetess. 

The second season of the comic-drama web series explores the themes of growth and fame. We see our protagonist being sceptical whether to publish her writings or not, to decide whether she wants to be a part of the ‘conventional’ world. The audience will witness Dickinson paving her way through societal norms of gender, society and family. 

The trailer of the latest season shows Sue (Emily’s sister-in-law) in a completely different light. The new season will also introduce a new character, Sam Bowles. It would be a journey to know in what ways does Bowles impacts the life of Dickinson.

Check out season two trailer here:

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