Descendant: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

‘Descendant’ is a documentary that talks about the last known ship to smuggle stolen Africans to America and the coverup that followed. It also focuses on the people aboard that ship who built a community known as Africatown in Alabama and have thrived for generations.

Release date

‘Descendant’ will stream on Netflix from October 21, 2022.

Cast & creators

Directed by Margaret Brown


“Descendants of the enslaved Africans on an illegal ship that arrived in Alabama in 1860 seek justice and healing when the craft’s remains are discovered.”

Other details

The last ship that carried these people from Africa to America was called the Clotilda. it had 110 men, women, and children on board. The ship’s existence was an open secret from centuries ago and was confirmed by a team of marine archeologists.


A woman explains that a person named Timothy Meaher, who was a local businessman, made a bet that he could get people from Africa to America even after the abolition of slavery. He then burned the ship to conceal his crime and these people built a community known as Africatown in Alabama.

More residents are interviewed and they reiterate that the ship isn’t the only part of their story they want the world to know. It is about the generations of people living in the community who have faced numerous ups and down through the years.

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