Copenhagen Cowboy: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Miu, a renegade on a mission for revenge, is followed as she navigates Copenhagen’s criminal underground in the noir-thriller television series ‘Copenhagen Cowboy‘.

Release date

Netflix will release ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ on January 5, 2023.

Cast and creators

  • Angela Bundalovic as Miu
  • Fleur Frilund as Jessica
  • Lola Corfixen as Rakel
  • Zlatko Burić as Miroslav
  • Andreas Lykke Jørgensen as Nicklas
  • Jason Hendil-Forssell as Chiang
  • Li Ii Zhang as Mother Hulda
  • Dragana Milutinović as Rosella

Created by Nicolas Winding Refn

Official synopsis

“The heroine we’ve all been waiting for – Miu is here to show how the netherworld of Copenhagen should be run.”

Other details

Copenhagen Cowboy had its world premiere on September 9, 2022, at the Venice Film Festival.


Miu moves through the foreboding Copenhagen underworld of crime. Many people believe her to be a ghost or a devil but she only desires retaliation.

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