Cinemapreneur: New OTT platform for independent Indian films

A new OTT platform named ‘Cinemapreneur’ has been launched with the aim of curating independent films created in India.

Unlike the subscriber-based and ad-based models followed by other streaming platforms, Cinemapreneur will follow a pay-per-view system.

To empower creators, majority of the revenue will go back to them. This will encourage independent filmmakers who rarely see their work landing on the established platforms.

It will also allow viewers to support their favourite creators directly by paying for their films.

Founder Gaurav Raturi said in a statement:

“We want to make festival films more accessible and create a market for indie films outside just these avenues. Such films are screened once and go unseen by the public eye after that. With Cinemapreneur, this system can change. We are trying to empower indie filmmakers and help them release their films hassle-free.“

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