Bridgerton breaks record with 82 million household views

Bridgerton has shattered the record of most-viewed original series on Netflix with 82 million households in first 28 days, previously held by The Witcher season 1 ((76 million households).

Jinny Howe, VP, Original Series, Netflix, expressed how creating the Regency-era series would not be considered the most popular choice when she arrived.

She wrote: “During my Netflix interviews I remember being asked: ‘If you could make any show, what kind would it be and why?’ I dared say the truth – that in a pop culture world dominated by sci-fi and fantasy, I’ve always loved beautiful, lush romances.”

It did work, with Bridgerton becoming the first project that Howe helped in creating.

The series has gone on to break into the top 10 Netflix list in all countries, except Japan, with the Bridgerton books becoming best-sellers, 18 years after first getting published.

The show is the latest in a successful run of Netflix series centring on a female protagonist, after The Queen’s Gambit and Emily in Paris.

If you can’t get enough of the series, here’s the cast of Bridgerton guessing Regency slang:

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