Best Leftovers Ever!: Netflix’s new treat for foodies

Netflix recently released the trailer for Best Leftovers Ever!, its upcoming reality show where chefs will compete for $10000.

The show will see skilled cooks make delicious dishes out of leftover food. By the looks of it, some unbelievable dishes can be expected from seemingly useless leftovers.

There will be three cooks in the race to win the prize money. They will have to clear two themed rounds to win over judges with their cooking.

Actress-musician Jackie Tohn hosts the show alongside judges and famed foodies David So and Rosemary Shrager. Tohn was earlier seen in the series Glow.

Ideas like turning a tamale into gnocchi can be learned from this show that will bring out the creative side to cooking.

Best Leftovers Ever! is available to stream on Netflix from December 30. Check out the trailer here:

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