UK Govt wants ‘The Crown’ to come with ‘work of fiction’ disclaimer

Soon after the release of The Crown Season 4, Britain’s culture minister thinks the Netflix series should come with a disclaimer: It’s a work of fiction.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden believes that the makers of the show have exploited their creative liberties by showing Prince Charles in a bad light.

This also raises concern because The Prince of Wales is next in line to the throne. The Crown’s fourth outing focused on his marriage to Princess Diana and his then affair with his present wife Camilla Shand.

Talking to the Mail on Sunday, Dowden said:

“Without this (the disclaimer), I fear a generation of viewers who did not live through these events may mistake fiction for fact.”

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The latest season has garnered as much appreciation as criticism. Questions of historical fidelity were not a major issue during earlier seasons of the show which focused on Queen Elizabeth II and her personal struggles.

Season 4 of The Crown commented on Princess Diana’s eating disorder and her relations with The Royal Family and showed how flawed they were. Former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s tenure was also covered.

Some Conservatives have also alleged that the strain portrayed between Thatcher and the Queen were exaggerated.

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