All 6 shows & movies coming to Disney+: February 2023

The February slate of Disney+ entails a diverse assortment of shows and movies, from a range of genres and languages.

February 2023 brings a tight assortment of Disney+ originals to the streamer, with some returning shows and some series premiers. Additionally, the streaming schedule for the upcoming month also brings in a couple of different formats, from animation to live-action, and documentaries to clip shows.

Here are all 6 Disney+ originals hitting the streamer in February 2023:

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder season 2

Cast: Kyla Pratt, Karen Malina White, Aiden Dodson, Carlos Alazraqui, Jo Marie Payton, Paula Jai Parker, Tommy Davidson, Soleil Moon Frye, Alisa Reyes

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder returns with its sophomore season where the adventures and misadventures of the newly 14-year-old Penny Proud and the rest of the Proud Family resume, as they navigate the modern life and all the challenges it brings, with a lot of hilarity and a lot of heart.

Penny’s friends return as well, including Dijonay, LaCienega, Zoey, and Michael.

Release date: February 1

Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Marvel Studios’ Assembled The Making of Black Panther Wakanda Forever
Image source: Marvel Studios

The new installment of Marvel Studios’ Assembled sees the cast and crew of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever delves into and reminisce about their days and work during the production of the superhero sequel movie.

With a heavy and emotional context of Chadwick Boseman’s passing serving as the backdrop, the installment will explore the multi-faceted aspects of the production that went into making the anticipated sequel a roaring, and emotionally resonant success.

Release date: February 8

Marvel Studios LEGENDS

Marvel Studios LEGENDS
Image source: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios LEGENDS ‘Ant Man’ is a Disney+ original that sees the journey that Scott Lang has gone through to become one of the most crucial heroes in the gargantuan effort to save the world and the universe from Thanos.

From the tiniest of scuffles to the huge developments, LEGENDS follows the highlights of Scott Lang’s life through the ups and downs, the defeats and the victories, and all that surrounded them.

LEGENDS ‘Hank & Janet’ traces the timeline of Hank Pym as he goes from an obsessive scientist to an overprotective father. Eventually, with the help of the dorky yet genius burglar with a huge heart, Scott Lang, he manages to get his wife Janet back, one who he lost decades ago inside the Quantum realm.

Marvel Studios LEGENDS ‘Wasp’ follows Hope’s journey from rebelling against her overprotective father to donning the same suit her mother once did, joining Ant-Man to form a superhero duo, and becoming one of the key figures in the battle against Thanos.

Release Date: February 10

Mila in the Multiverse

Cast: Laura Luz, Malu Mader, Yuki Sugimoto, Dani Flomin, João Victor, Rafaela Mandelli, Felipe Montanari, Danilo de Moura, Amanda Lyra, Jader Januario

Mila is a 16-year-old girl who traverses the multiverse in hopes of finding her mother, Elis. However, her multiversal adventures and search is met by a mysterious and dangerous group known as The Operators.

Mila must contend with these enemies who are hell-bent on destroying all of the multiverses, and saving it all, while also trying to track her mother down.

Release date: February 15

j-hope IN THE BOX

Cast: j-hope

Working his way to his first-ever album, j-hope IN THE BOX follows the titular music sensation and his creative process behind the aforementioned project.

From the behind-the-scenes footage of the never-before-seen process to the excitement and anticipation leading up to his Lollapalooza performance, the documentary will also delve into the BTS member’s listening party for his first album, Jack in the Box.

Release date: February 17

The Low Tone Club

Cast: Catalina Polo, Elena Vives, Maria Fernanda Marín, Gregorio Umaña, Brainer Gamboa, Juan Diego Panadera, Melanie Dell’ Olmo

The Low Tone Club follows Molina, a music teacher, who is tasked with handling the “Low Tones” a group of music students at a school that prioritizes students who meet their conventional standards for commercial success.

The “Low Tones” do not meet said standards and the responsibility to teach them and do something productive befalls Molina, who must use his unconventional methods to teach each of them a thing or two about multiple walks of life.

Release date: February 22

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