The human cloning scandal in Raël: The Alien Prophet explored

The Raëllian Movement claimed to have cloned the first human baby back in 2002, but provided no concrete proof of the clone’s existence.

Raël believed that cloning was encouraged by the Elohim as a means to obtain immortality and humans were destined to learn how to clone humans.

They promoted several benefits to the cloning process such as cloning dead criminals and putting them on trial for their crimes.

Following the announcement of Dolly the sheep, the first instance of succesful cloning in the world, Raël pushed forward the agenda of cloning a human.

They drew much attention and a couple who had lost their child approached the Movement and agreed to fund the process.

Playing God

At the head of this venture was Brigitte Boisselier, a Raëllian bishop and French chemist. With the help of a follower named Damien, they set up a lab in Nevada.

Damien was a student of biotechnology and did most of the grunt work for the project. The idea of cloning raised concerns among members of the US Government.

After bringing in Brigitte and Raël to testify before Congress, the goverment passed a resolution banning all forms of human cloning in the country.

Brigitte was forced to shut down operations, but stated that she established a lab in another location outside the country.

In 2002, Brigitte announced that the first human clone was born, but refused to reveal any more information about the child.

Since she made the announcement in Florida, a local lawyer took her to court for custody of the child, claiming that they had no way of guaranteeing the child’s safety.

Under oath, Brigitte revealed that the child was born to family in Israel, which nullified the prosecutor’s case.

However, she continued to remain secretive about the location of child and the details of their birth.

The child was named Eve, and Brigittie stated that she would never contact the family directly because she was aware that she was being observed.

However, Damien admits that none of what Brigitte said was true, and no human was cloned by the movement.

He says that Brigitte only cared about the publicity that came with the project and wasn’t really bothered with the science of it all.

Raël states that he brought up the subject of cloning as a counter to the message of the Catholic Pope, and doesn’t care if Brigitte truly achieved what she set out to do or not.

While Brigitte still maintains the existence of Eve, she has never produced a single shred of evidence to prove it.

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