The Big Bull ending explained: Fall of an unsung hero

Inspired by true events, The Big Bull outlines the story of a stockbroker, Hemant Shah, who manipulates the Bombay Stock Exchange, taking advantage of the system’s shortcomings. Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, the movie chronicles the boost in the Indian economy following the scam of 1992.

In the 1980s, a middle-class Gujarati man named Hemant Shah (Abhishek Bachchan) acquires knowledge of the stock market and gradually starts investing more after each profit. He tries to control the share prices through insider trading by utilising secret information.

Hemant and his brother Viren (Sohum Shah) soon purchase the stockbroker card, and their friend, Hari (Sumit Vats), starts providing them fake bank receipts that could help them build capital through the transactions between the banks.

Hemant begins applying his replacement cost theory and gains popularity by boosting the stock market prices. He becomes more greedy and demands political support from a powerful businessman, Sanjeev Kohli (Sameer Soni).

A journalist named Meera Rao (Ileana D’cruz) investigates Hemant’s sudden profits and invites him for an interview, where he gets the support of common people. An income tax raid terrifies Viren of the future.

Hemant becomes the big bull of the Bombay Stock Exchange. But his scam gets exposed by his employee to the Chairman, Mannu Malpani (Saurabh Shukla), and Meera Rao through an unknown source.

A CBI case is filed and the brothers get arrested. Do they make it out?

The Big Bull ending explained in detail:

Revelatory press conference

Hemant and Viren get out on bail after a period of 111 days. They hire the topmost lawyer, Ashok Mirchandani (Ram Kapoor) and decide to reveal an important detail of the case in a press conference.

Some government officials try to stop Hemant, but he ignores them. They start reciting the events associated with the scam and expose the Prime Minister as a part of the fraud.

Hemant clarifies that he didn’t break any law and only took advantage of the faulty banking system. He states that he has helped the middle-class people by stabilising the economy and declares that he will always remain the big bull.

Viren’s confession

The public turns against Hemant and Viren, and rejects their statement against the Prime Minister. Meera informs Viren about the government trapping them in a narcotics case that panics him.

Viren tries to persuade his brother to surrender and confesses the disloyalty he showed by leaking their details to Meera. He reasons he decided to slow down Hemant because he desired an ordinary life.

Hemant saves his brother from getting punished and takes all the blame on himself. He gets sentenced to jail for five years. His wife comforts him and assures him that he has kept his promise.

Hemant Shah’s biography

Meera Rao accepts Hemant’s offer to write his story in a book. She narrates all the incidents in front of a group of management students and glorifies his contribution towards economic growth.

She talks about Hemant’s demise in jail due to a heart attack. But also hints towards it being a part of a conspiracy. We see glimpses of him struggling to survive in prison.

Meera states that Hemant helped people see dreams and saved the country from bankruptcy. She claims that even though he was a fraud, he became the people’s hero. In the end, she announces that he was and will always be the big bull.

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