Scam 1992 ending explained: What happened to the big bull?

SonyLIV’s ‘Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story’ has been creating waves ever since it released back in October.

With rave reviews from critics and word of mouth in its favour, the web series has been the talk of the town lately. But did you catch the ending in its entirety? Or are there parts that need clarity for closure? We have you covered.

Here’s the ending of Scam 1992 explained in detail:

Reality leashes the bull

After all the plotting against Harshad Mehta wears him down, all of a sudden, the stockbroker begins to contradict himself and takes back allegations against the prime minister, hinting at a deal from the authorities in exchange for staying quiet.

One of those investing in stocks as per Mehta’s tip offs ends up losing everything and finds himself in crippling debt. With no escape in sight, he commits suicide. When the man’s family calls it a murder by the Mehta family and not suicide, they begin to realise the far-reaching consequences of their actions.

All of Mehta’s assets are auctioned off to clear debt right in front of his eyes. Witnessing the sale of his beloved Lexus LS 400 clearly hits the withered stock market giant the hardest.

Bhushan Bhatt’s betrayal leaves a mark

Mehta begins to transition into a life of writing columns for newspapers as an expert in trading stocks. It is revealed that he is still manipulating stocks through his contacts at the BSE. The plummeting of the stock market in 1998 due to investors pulling after nuclear tests in Pokhran leave him, once again, in a tricky position.

His health begins to rapidly deteriorate. To add to his woes, Ashwin, Harshad Mehta’s brother, notices that 27 lakh shares worth approximately ₹300 crore have vanished from the storage of assets owned by GrowMore, Harshad and Ashwin’s firm.

After the brothers report the missing shares to the authorities, they are met with the startling revelation that Harshad’s right-hand man, Bhushan Bhatt, had sold all of them out of spite for not getting the same level of fame, power and acknowledgement as the siblings.

Bhushan falsely confesses that Harshad was behind the sale of the shares and throws him under the bus.

The injured bull is put to sleep

Just when the Mehta family ponders a simpler life, authorities barge in to arrest Harshad, under the false impression that he sold all the shares. As Ashwin plans to get his brother out on bail citing health grounds, his condition begins to worsen.

On December 31, Harshad suffers a heart attack in jail. He is transported to the hospital as firecrackers fill the sky, in the backdrop, to bring in the New Year. He is left at the waiting room unattended, where he takes his last breath.

His voice takes over the narrative as he looks back at his life and his rather late realisation that money can possess a man and lead him to ruin. The voiceover concludes with the phrase: “It’s true, money can turn into poison,” as his family sheds tears at the loss.

To help you get over that bleak ending, here’s how Scam 1992 recreated the 80s and 90s:

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