Sunflower (2021) ending explained: Curious murder investigation

A ZEE5 Original series, ‘Sunflower’ is a crime-thriller comedy, released on the platform on June 11, 2021. The 8-episode web series revolves around a murder investigation in a housing society filled with quirky and questionable characters.

The story begins when Mr Ahuja (Mukul Chadha), a resident of the Sunflower Society, attempts to kill his troubling neighbour Raj Kapoor (Ashwin Kaushal) by poisoning his coconut water. The police arrive at the housing society to investigate the murder and interrogate the residents.

The cops, DG (Ranvir Shorey) and Tambe (Girish Kulkarni), question Sonu Singh (Sunil Grover), a sales employee at a cosmetic company. The police then turn to Ahuja, and he denies having any problems with Kapoor.

The police discover Bromethalin poison in the dead body and visit Sonu’s house, who ordered food from the same place as Mr Kapoor. They also ask him about the poison which he mentions using to kill a rat.

Ahuja and his wife (Radha Bhatt), scared to get caught, try to hide the coconut in a plant, but realise that the straw is still at the victim’s place. To get hold of the evidence, Ahuja breaks into Kapoor’s house by the vent. He fails to hide the straw as the cops take it away.

Meanwhile, the Sunflower society committee headed by Mr Iyer (Ashish Vidyarthi) keeps making changes in the application form to allow only those residents that match their cultural and moral standards. Sonu decides to stand for society Chairman elections, supported by Iyer’s daughter (Ria Nalavade).

The food delivery man informs the police that Sonu took Kapoor’s parcel with his own one night before the murder and returned after the man cleaned the floor. Ahuja feels tensed as DG comes to ask him questions. Tambe finds out CCTV footage of the maid and watchman and calls them for interrogation.

Sonu solves Gurleen (Nerurkar Simran), his neighbour’s problem, by talking to her father-in-law and gets in trouble as his men get orders to abduct Sonu. Justina’s (Dayana Erappa) house party shifts to his place, where the guests find his company’s exclusive lipstick and a dead rat.

The cops begin searching for the coconut in the Sunflower society, and Ahuja leaves it in the building corridor after removing the fingerprints. Sonu finds it and throws it in the dustbin at his house. The next day police catch Sonu selling a box of syringes to a chemist.

Sonu discloses about his previous job at a pharma company and the syringes used for rat poison. His colleague Aanchal (Saloni Khanna) gets impressed by him, asks him out, drugs him and then breaks up when Justina and Gurleen arrive at the club.

The next morning, Sonu wakes up at Justina’s house, tries to go to his own, but jumps from the window as his boss comes to enquire about the leaked lipstick idea. He reaches another tenant’s house, who asks him to take him to the hospital.

DG suspects Ahuja is hiding something and visits again to find footprints in the space between his and Kapoor’s house on the balcony. Tambe calls the inspector to show him pictures of Sonu and Kapoor at a wedding. They suspect Sonu and begin finding evidence against him. Who will they arrest for the murder?

Sunflower ending explained in detail:

Sonu and Kapoor’s connection

In the final episode of Sunflower, the flashback shows Sonu arriving at the wedding ceremony of Juhi and Ashish, where he dances and eats alone. He accidentally gets clicked with Mr Kapoor’s family when he goes on the stage to congratulate the couple.

DG reaches Juhi’s house to enquire about Sonu. She reveals herself as his ex-girlfriend and also Raj Kapoor’s ex-secretary. She informs him that her boss made her leave Sonu and marry Ashish.

She tells him about the incident when Sonu had caught Kapoor convincing her to stop dating him and get acquainted with someone equal to her as was Ashish. She had agreed with him, and Sonu had left without saying a word.

DG gets convinced to have found Sonu’s motive behind Kapoor’s murder and orders Tambe to find him.

Police arrive to arrest Sonu

Tambe starts searching for Sonu but is unable to find him at his apartment. He asks Jusleen who instead, requests him to help her find Gurleen, missing from the day she went for singing auditions.

The sub-inspector reaches the hospital, where Sonu took another resident in an emergency, but he goes missing from there too. DG and cops arrive at the Sunflower Society with a search warrant and go straight to Sonu’s apartment.

Mr Iyer presenting a new application form at society’s 18th-anniversary celebration announces that the police has found Sonu guilty of Kapoor’s murder. Hearing this, Ahuja gets relieved and starts laughing.

The police break into Sonu’s house with the help of a key maker present there and search for evidence. They find unused syringes in his drawer and the coconut used for murder in his dustbin.

DG asks Tambe to find Sonu at the key maker’s shop, but Sonu goes missing again.

Where is Sonu?

After leaving the hospital, Sonu goes to the key maker to help him open his apartment. He offers to stay at the shop till he unlocks the door there. Sonu’s boss also decides to punish him after multiple immoral incidents.

While the police start searching for him, Sonu gets kidnapped by Gurleen’s husband and his father’s goons. He is driven to an unknown land with sunflower farms in the end.

Tired of being mistreated by her husband, Ahuja’s wife warns her husband that she could anytime disclose the real killer. Ahuja gets shocked by getting blackmailed by his own wife.

The cliffhanger at the end of Sunflower has left many questions unanswered, which hints towards it getting renewed for another season, though there is no official announcement yet.

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