State of Siege Temple Attack ending explained: NSG to the rescue

Akshaye Khanna, Gautam Rode, and Vivek Dahiya led sequel to 2020’s ‘State of Siege 26/11‘ is finally available to stream on ZEE5. The film is a fictional retelling of 2002’s horrifying terrorist attacks at Swaminarayan Akshardham complex in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

The plot of ‘State of Siege Temple Attack’ kicks off with Major Hanut Singh (Khanna) and his team of NSG commandoes observing a couple of terrorist in the Kupwara district of J&K, who are suspected of having kidnapped a minister’s daughter.

After confirming the presence of the girl at the location, Singh refuses to wait for the oncoming strike team and heads in with another officer, Capt. Bibek (Akshay Obero), to rescue her. Just as they manage to secure her, a larger group of men shows up.

The soldiers notice the presence of two wanted terrorists — Abu Hamza and Bilal Naikoo — among them and engage. They manage to capture Naikoo but as Singh manages to corner Hamza, a terrorist shoots both the officers, injuring Singh and killing his partner.

Cut to nine months later where Singh is still dealing with the traumatic aftermath of his poor decision making as a new mission pops up. The NSG is tasked with overseeing the security of CM Manish Choksi (Sameer Soni) in Gujarat during an event as there is word of a potential attack in the state.

Elsewhere, in a terrorist training camp in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Hamza readies four men to infiltrate India for a lethal attack in order to demand Naikoo’s release. A small team of the NSG, led by their commanding officer Col. Nagar (Parvin Dabas), flies to Gandhinagar and begin security protocol at the hotel where the minister has to deliver a speech.

Unfortunately for them, the four terrorists arrive at the Krishna Dham temple (name changed) in the city and open fire at civilians. They hunt and murder whoever they lay eyes on, and then get orders to take the remaining people hostage.

Abu Hamza contacts India’s Prime Minister and mentions Naikoo’s release, threatening that the perpetrators will kill one hostage every half hour until this demand is met. While the government decides on a plan of action, Singh convinces Nagar to let the NSG engage.

How do Singh and his team manage to neutralise the siege?

Here is the State of Siege Temple Attack ending explained in detail:

NSG enters the action

Singh, accompanied by Captain Rohit Bagga (Vivek Dahiya), arrive at the scene just as the Rapid Action Force (RAF) suffers causalities while trying to break open the detonator laden temple door.

Despite being told to stay at the perimeter of the location, Singh and Bagga cautiously enter the complex. Unwilling to wait for the larger NSG squadron to fly over from Manesar, the duo start checking for survivors when they are shot at by one of the terrorists.

As they pursue and manage to kill him, they enter the temple’s auditorium where a second militant stands over a group of hostages. The commandoes use clever tactics and make quick work of him, and evacuate the first group of civilians from the complex.

Elsewhere, the government agrees to release Naikoo.

The unfortunate mole

One of the hostages in the exhibition section of the temple, Chintu (Rohan Verma), is the son of a sweet shop owner whose store is located right opposite the temple gate. In a moment of desperation, his father rings Chintu’s mobile which is picked up by one of the terrorists.

Before realising who is on the other side, the man announces the arrival of the NSG. As the remaining two militants realise they have potential eyes, via this man, on the gate, they threaten to kill his son if he doesn’t inform them about every development outside the building. Regretting his haste, he has no option but to agree.

The militants then wrap a bomb on one of the wounded hostages — a young woman from Ahmedabad — and send her outside. Before Singh and his team realise their enemies’ ploy, the bomb explodes, seriously injuring one of the soldiers.

Meanwhile the larger NSG team, led by Major Samar Chauhan (Gautam Rode), arrives and relieve Singh and Bagga from the operation. Singh is reprimanded by Nagar for disobeying orders yet again, and is told to sit this one out until further orders.

The final charge

Chauhan plans to climb the roof and attack the location from higher ground but is met with counter fire and a grenade due to the shopkeeper’s leaked information. Singh, who waits outside, realises the presence of a mole and investigates the surroundings.

He finally chances upon the disturbed man and corners him into revealing the truth. Knowing that the team engaging the enemy is at their mercy, Singh asks to be sent in again to finish this once and for all. Nagar agrees but warns him that he’s against the clock as Naikoo is close to reaching the border for his release.

Knowing he must finish the remaining terrorists before Naikoo is freed, he uses the shopkeeper to falsely convey a message that the NSG has given up and is retreating. He then asks Bagga to take to the roof and cautiously enters the exhibition area.

One of the militants sets up another bomb and prepares to blow everyone up but is met by an injured Chauhan. Elsewhere Singh gets into a hand-to-hand combat with the second one. He manages to stab him and kills the last one before he can press the detonator.

On the border, the army gets word of the operation’s success and guns down Naikoo before he can cross. Back in Gandhinagar, Chauhan and Singh make their way out of the complex in a worn out condition as the people mourn the losses of their loved ones.

The film ends with the NSG on the verge of raiding a housing locality in Gujarat to hunt for accomplices in the gruesome attack.

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