‘Squid Game’ viewed over 2X more in 1st 28 days than most popular ‘Money Heist’ season

Earlier this year, Netflix released its Korean thriller web series ‘Squid Game’, which sent shockwaves across the binging community. It went so viral that reports surfaced it earned the platform around $900 million in ‘impact value’.

‘Seong Gi-hun’, ‘Cho Sang-woo’ and ‘Kang Sae-byeok’ all became household names and the viral series inspired Halloween costumes across the world.

Before ‘Squid Game’, ‘Money Heist’ had enjoyed a relatively unchallenged reign as the platform’s most popular show, racking up the viewing hours with every season.

But which of the two now stands at the top?

Squid Game v/s Money Heist

While Netflix hasn’t revealed the all-time popularity of all its shows yet, the newly released top 10 list website clearly shows who comes out top in the battle for the first 28 days.

Money Heist, collectively with all its seasons, is easily the most-viewed franchise, but season 1 of Squid game is by far the most popular non-English instalment.

In fact, it has managed to garner more than twice the number of viewing hours than even the most popular Money Heist season, which was the fourth part of the show.

The numbers

As per the top 10 lists Netflix website, Squid Game was viewed for 1650.45 million hours in the first 28 days compared to Money Heist season 4’s 619.01 million.

Money Heist season 3, with 426.4 million hours, and season 5, with 395.13 million, round off the top 4.

'Squid Game' viewed over 2X more in 1st 28 days than most popular 'Money Heist' season 1
Image source: Netflix

The extent of Squid Game’s virality has been such that it has almost the same dominance over the most-viewed English language series ‘Bridgerton’, which managed 625.49 million viewing hours. 

‘Stranger Things’ season 3 got 582.1 million hours, pegging it behind Bridgerton.

'Squid Game' viewed over 2X more in 1st 28 days than most popular 'Money Heist' season 2
Image source: Netflix

With season 2 now announced, can Squid Game become Netflix’s most lucrative franchise of all time?

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