Squared Love ending explained: Dual identity chaos

Netflix’s latest Polish romantic comedy, Squared Love, revolves around a case of mistaken identity.

It is a story of a celebrity model, Enzo, who is also portrayed as a womanizer. However, his world starts to change when he meets a super model, Klaudia. The woman of her dreams is dashing and beautiful, but also has a secret.

Will Enzo find out the truth?

Here is the Squared Love ending explained in detail:

Monika and Klaudia

They are the names of the same mystery woman whom Enzo starts to develop an interest in. But what he doesn’t know is that she teaches in a primary school when she’s not out posing for billboards.

Enzo is Ania’s uncle and Monica is Ania’s school teacher and she is very attached to all her students. Enzo notices her fondness for her students, when Monica takes care of Ania as she falls ill. It is then, Enzo starts to like the simple and sensitive school teacher.

Enzo discovers the truth

It is at the car launch event where Klaudia, Enzo, and Ania are present. It’s because of Klaudia’s concealed appearance, Ania is not able to recognize her teacher Monika in her.

However, at the same event, Ania collapses and the panic leads Klaudia to tend to her. Unexpectedly, her wig comes off and the crowd (Enzo included) is shocked to witness the real personality of the school teacher.

The glaring eyes of the media and audience embarrass Monica and she leaves. Enzo is relieved as Monica saved Ania’s life but he is surprised with what happened.

To his surprise, the bold and beautiful model and the simple and sensitive school teacher are both the same person. He feels thankful but also confused as there are too many questions raised on her character now.

It is Monika’s father who understands her dilemma and stands by her. But, after her dual personalities are unveiled, the school teacher is on the verge of losing her job.

Accepting the inevitable

Enzo is attracted to Monika due to her caring nature towards Ania. He is also slightly wooed by Klaudia, but as soon as he discovers that they are the same person, he realises the reason behind her deception and rushes to confess his love.

In the end, when the school Head is about to fire her, it is Enzo who shows up with the adorable students, saving the day.

Enzo, all the students, and their parents convince the head of the difference Monika makes in her students’ lives. The class report card also proves her capabilities as a teacher. The Head is impressed with her performance and lets her keep her job.

When the meeting with the Head concludes, Enzo confesses his love to Monika, starting a romantic story without any secrets.

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