Rivi Ayala from Griselda: Where is he now?

In Griselda, Rivi Ayala served as Griselda’s top hitman and even saved her from a harsh sentence when she was arrested.

In the Netflix series, Rivi Ayala first worked as Amilcar’s hitman. To approach Amilcar, Griselda started seeking Rivi’s advice.

The two eventually begin getting along. After Amilcar’s arrest, Rivi joined Griselda as her top hitman.

However, Griselda and Rivi’s relationship bothered Dario. When Griselda finds herself on the run from Rifi and Ochoas after accidentally overdosing Marta, it’s Rivi who stays by her side.

On a phone call, Rivi claims that they might have been lovers in their past lives. Rivi looks after Griselda’s kids after her arrest until he is arrested.

A clever Rivi does give information against Griselda to save himself from a death sentence, but he makes up for it later by seducing the DA’s assistant.

Their phone call gets leaked and implodes the case against Griselda, allowing Griselda to ask for a shorter sentence.

Where is Rivi now?

Rivi is still in prison. In 2013, he got his last chance at redemption when he sought parole on account of a handshake deal he made with prosecutors in 1993.

Unfortunately, Rivi’s scandal with some State Attorney secretaries cost him his last chance too.

Since then, no developments have transpired in Rivi’s case. Even if he is released, he will be deported to Colombia.

Rivi Griselda
Rivi sets his eyes on DA’s assistant

Jorge ‘Rivi’ Ayala was born in Cali, Colombia, in 1957, and he moved to the United States with his parents during his childhood. Raised in Chicago, he became fluent in English over the years.

Even though Rivi pleaded guilty to three contract killings, including the killing of Johnny Castro, the son of one of Griselda’s enforcers, it is said that he is responsible for over three dozen murders.

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