How to use Netflix Party and watch with others

A few years back, it would have been hard to imagine countrywide shutdowns and self-isolation on a massive scale. Today, this is our reality. However, you can still host a Netflix Party without socialising as you live out this dystopian film that has come to life with Coronavirus as the villain.

Minimising the damage to social lives caused by the pandemic

Public gatherings have been banned, educational institutions, workplaces, malls, and theatres have been closed down, disrupting the daily lives of the people. This is anything but a holiday as one has to stay inside their house with nothing better to do.

Do you miss having movie nights with your friends? You cannot meet with them but the least you can do is continue your weekend tradition. As they say, modern problems require modern solutions, and having a movie night while dealing with the threat of COVID-19 requires one such solution.

What is Netflix Party?

Netflix Party is a way of streaming content with friends without being in the same room; it makes it possible for you to have a virtual party.

It synchronizes video playback of the people invited to the party in high-definition. If you are one of those people who like commenting while watching a film, it comes with an additional feature for you that adds a group chat to your chosen movie or show.

You can ask as many questions as you want during your movie party, and your friends can reply with an answer or an eye-roll.

Netflix Party

Three easy steps to install Netflix Party

Time taken: 2 minutes

  1. Install the Netflix Party extension from Chrome web store or Netflix website.

    How to use Netflix Party and watch with others 1

    Installing the extension.

  2. Start streaming the movie of your choice and click on the red “NP” icon located next to the address bar.

    How to use Netflix Party and watch with others 2

    Locating the Netflix Party icon.

  3. Click on “Start Party” and share the party URL to invite your friends.

    How to use Netflix Party and watch with others 3

    Start the party!

Functionality of Netflix Party beyond quarantine

Netflix Party is not just useful now when people are going into self-quarantine; it is a blessing for introverts who like watching content with like-minded people but not being physically present with them.

Not just introverts, Gen X people, who do not like leaving their rooms, can also make the best use of it. Apart from that, it is a brilliant way of keeping your long-distance relationships strong.

Netflix Party is something that we all need at the moment to quarantine and chill. It is essential that we isolate ourselves to prevent the spread of this disease, but why let distance or Coronavirus spoil entertainment? You can keep your friends close if you keep Netflix Party closer.

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