Maharani ending explained: Rani Bharti’s political survival

Set in Bihar of the 1990s, Maharani on SonyLIV is a political drama involving murders, scams and caste-based disputes. The 10-part web series follows the emergence of an illiterate and unqualified homemaker when she receives the power to rule the state.

Maharani’s story begins by introducing Bheema Bharti (Sohum Shah), Chief Minister of Bihar in 1998, who visits his native village to meet his kids and wife, Rani Bharti (Huma Qureshi). Being the first one from a backward class in power, he is aware of the people in his own party plotting against him.

On the occasion of Chhath Pooja, Bheema gets shot and is hurried to the hospital. Members of the party, ready to take his place, anticipate the re-election. A paralysed Bheema demands to choose the successor himself. Navin Kumar (Amit Sial) fails to acquire maximum support, and Bheema chooses his wife as the new CM.

An illiterate homemaker, Rani Bharti takes the oath and forcefully attends the first meeting with the majority of male members. Mishra (Pramod Pathak) pleads Rani to understand her responsibilities for the sake of her husband’s condition.

Navin joins the opposition and challenges Rani’s government in an assembly session, declaring her incapable of ruling Bihar. Rani argues back, stating her experience of running her house for years and that such a woman can run the country too.

Veer Sena, an upper-caste alliance, mass fires and kills lower-caste people in a village. Rani orders the police to catch the killers within 13 days. The DGP cleverly traps their leader Kunwar Singh, and the CM interrogates him.

The homemaker turned CM discovers the faulty system and orders the Finance Secretary to check the accounts. Parvez Aalam (Inaamulhaq) investigates and informs her about the theft of 958 crores by the Animal Husbandry Department.

Rani suspends some officials and asks Prem Kumar (Mohd Ashique Hussain), AHD minister, to resign. He threatens to demolish her government, and Bheema opposes her decision too. Navin Kumar offers her a deal to support in exchange for Prem’s resignation.

The CM dismisses the AHD minister, but Bheema assures him a return. On Machan Baba’s advice, Gauri Shankar (Vineet Kumar) provokes Prem and makes him join the opposition. Navin comes into the majority and refuses to give Rani his support.

DGP blackmails Veer Sena leader, who gives Machan Baba’s name for attacks on ex-CM. Bheema starts recovering and reaches Governor (Atul Tiwari) and offers him a deal. Parvez Aalam discovers Governor and Machan Baba were the sources of the seeds scam. Rani visits the Governor to know about the roots of Bihar’s political game.

What happens when she learns that her husband is equally responsible for the ruined state of the system?

Maharani ending explained in detail:

Rani confronts Bheema

In the last episode of Maharani, Rani Bharti understands the games played by her husband to gain power. She discovers his involvement in the seeds scams and the caste-based disputes.

On confronting to know the truth, Bheema explains that in 1995, the Governor and Machan Baba started the scams plotted by his man Virendra in the party. When he asked for a share in the theft, Virendra went to Mukhiya’s Veer Sena to ask for help.

Veer Sena started mass killing of lower classes to defame Bheema’s government. That’s when he decided to build an alliance for the backward classes with Shankar Mahto’s help. Mahto killed Virendra, and Bheema introduced Prem Kumar, who would continue with the scam.

Bheema exclaims that he has played a great role in uplifting his caste and gave voice to the people. He argues that his wife will never understand politics because she is illiterate. He asks Rani to resign from the post of CM, to which she refuses.

Assembly session

The opposition challenges Rani’s government over a no-confidence motion in the assembly session. Navin Kumar argues with the majority of supporters and places corruption charges over the ruling party.

Bheema mocks the opposition leader and assures him that no one will be able to demolish his power for the next 20 years. Rani starts her argument, blaming the caste-based violence for blocking her attempts to stop the corruption.

She informs that she has completed the investigation in the seeds scam, and the CBI has arrested the officials involved in the same. She explains about the FIR filed against the minister and requests for the police to arrest Prem Kumar.

Rani reiterates her oath, reminding everyone about her duties. She then requests the police arrest her husband, Bheema Bharti, for his involvement in the scam. She decides to regain people’s trust in the government by treating everyone equally under the constitution.

Rani’s fair-play government

Maharani ends with Rani Bharti coming back in the majority by using the support letter, once presented by Navin for the deal. The police investigate and arrest Machan Baba for his involvement in a seeds scam and attack on Bheema.

With the help of Kunwar Singh, DGP reaches Mukhiya and arrests him too. The people of Bihar start trusting Rani’s government after she proves her efficiency.

In the end, the CM visits her husband in the jail, where he asks about their kids. He tells her that although she has started ruling the state like a maharani, some people still support him.

Bheema reminds her that once he gets released from prison, the people of Bihar will choose between the husband and the wife. His wife exclaims that when he comes, he will find her if he looked for his wife. But if he would look for the CM, he will have to face Rani Bharti.

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