Sardar Ka Grandson ending explained: Amreek’s ‘homecoming’ quest

A tale of love and emotions, Netflix’s Sardar Ka Grandson, follows Amreek and his grandmother, whose last wish is to visit her ancestral home in Lahore. Unable to take her across the border, the grandson decides to literally bring the house to her. 

Sardar Ka Grandson’s story begins with Amreek (Arjun Kapoor), who runs the movers and packers business ‘Gently Gently’ in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Radha (Rakul Preet). He is a clumsy and careless personality who keeps breaking customers’ precious valuables.

The couple part ways after an argument, and Amreek leaves for Amritsar. His Grandmother, Sardar (Neena Gupta), welcomes him and asks him to take her to her old house in Lahore, where she lived before her husband died in partition riots.

The flashback shows a glimpse of young Sardar (Aditi Rao Hydari) happily living in the house with her husband Gursher Singh (John Abraham). Amreek agrees to fulfil her last wish but learns later that she is blacklisted for insulting a Pakistani official in a cricket match.

Looking at Sardar’s emotional suffering for 70 years, Amreek decides to find a way to bring the house to her. He suggests his ideas to the government and also to Radha, but both refuse to help him. He crosses the border alone as his grandmother did in the past.

Sardar remembers her husband, who was killed in the ancestral house before she travelled to India. Amreek reaches Lahore and saves the house from getting demolished. He gets arrested but convinces the police to release him and take the house to India.

Amreek asks the Mayor’s (Kumud Mishra) permission to relocate the home. He refuses to permit because of conflicts with Sardar and orders to destroy the house. Radha comes to Amreek’s rescue with legal facts and saves it.

With the media’s help, Amreek and Radha get the Mayor’s permission, but under the condition that they don’t disturb the residents and Sardar apologises for the insult. Amreek shows him an old video of Sardar apologising to her dog, and he gets convinced.

After many struggles, the house gets loaded and ready to transport. What happens when the Mayor learns the truth behind the video?

Sardar Ka Grandson ending explained in detail:

Amreek and Radha reunite

After loading the house on the truck, they help one of the residents for his daughter’s wedding and get invited for the same, where they dance together. The night before taking the house across the borders, Radha and Amreek realise their mistakes and reconcile.

Amreek receives a call from home asking him to return before Sardar takes her last breath. The grandson refuses to come without completing her last wish.

He explains to Radha how he wants to fill his grandmother’s emptiness by making her wish come true. She assures him that no one can stop them from taking their house to her.

Mayor catches video’s truth

The next day, they start their journey to Amritsar, but the electric wires come in the way. The Mayor stops them from cutting the electricity and taking the house as he has found the truth behind Sardar’s old video.

Amreek starts fighting with the official’s men stopping him, but the police come to his aid and points towards the residents helping them make their way out. Amreek exclaims that the people of their country are more helpful and now no one can stop him from transporting the house.

With the help of the police, they make their way to the border and reach Amritsar, where everyone welcomes them. Sardar regains consciousness as Amreek comes home.

The home-coming

In the climax of Sardar Ka Grandson, Amreek tells his grandmother that he has brought a surprise for her. She gets emotional looking at the house and gets up from the wheelchair to go inside.

Sardar visualises her youth spent in the house with her husband. She rejoices, remembering their moments together and weeps over his demise. She imagines Gursher Singh asking her to continue living her life and fulfil the dreams they saw together.

Sardar Ka Grandson ends on a happy note with the family taking a group picture. Amreek’s voice narrates that Sardar lived for seven more years and divided her property into three equal halves. He married Radha and now has two children whom they call Sardar.

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