Invincible ending explained: Why did Omni-Man kill the Guardians?

Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Invincible’ is an R-rated animated superhero series revolving around Mark Grayson after he first manifests his power and the subsequent struggle to become a full-fledged superhero.

Mark Grayson is the son of Nolan and Debbie, the former doubling up as Earth’s strongest hero; Omni-Man.

Omni-Man actually belongs to a species known as Viltrumite from planet Viltrum who came to Earth to help its civilisation and has long been hopeful that Mark will awaken his own powers.

When he finally does, Omni-Man begins to train him. He gets his own costume and superhero name, opting for ‘Invincible’.

After his son awakens his powers, Omni-Man suddenly lures in the entire Guardians of the Globe and slaughters them in cold blood, losing consciousness himself in the process.

Nobody understands who murdered the Guardians, and they cannot fathom Omni-Man being hurt to this extent.

All the while Mark trains to become an essential superhero himself, Debbie and Cecil, director of the Global Defence Agency, begin suspecting Omni-Man after investigating him.

Why did Omni-Man kill the entire Guardians of the Globe? Will Mark realise what his father has done? Everything was revealed in episode 8, the final one from the first season.

In case you missed out on something from the finale, we have you covered.

Invincible ending explained in detail (final episode):

Omni-Man’s dark past

It turns out Earth’s supposed greatest superhero had lied about his species. Viltrumites are not benevolent people who help in developing civilisations. Nolan finally confesses this to Mark aka Invincible.

Long ago, the entire Viltrumite population battled among each other to weed out the weak. It left them with just half of their population, consisting of the strongest warriors.

By the time Omni-Man was born, Viltrum had already become the strongest empire in their galaxy, conquering planets for fun.

After Omni-Man was old enough, he joined their cause. But after conquering thousands of planets, it became harder for them empire to expand. They came up with a new strategy to tackle this.

Trusted Vltrumite officers were given one planet each to weaken, with Omni-Man being assigned to Earth. He killed the Guardians of the Globe as part of his job to weaken the planet.

Invincible is visibly shaken by this revelation. His father even says that while he loves Debbie, she is more of a pet to him, infuriating Mark and leaving Debbie devastated.

Omni-Man Vs Invincible

The superhero father and son engage in a duel after Mark refuses to accept his father’s ideology. Omni-Man begins to pummel his son, insisting that he acknowledges his destiny.

The fight is rather one-sided and Invincible barely manages to land any blows on his father, and their battle ends up taking innocent lives as Omni-Man continues to try to prove his point that human lives are worthless.

Mark is left bloodied by Omni-Man, who decides he’ll kill him and wait for another offspring to continue his legacy, beginning to smash him, as he bleeds further and further.

However, Nolan suddenly remembers cheering for his son at a baseball game when he was a child. Overcome with emotion, he is unable to finish off Invincible, and leaves the planet.

Medical aid arrives along with Cecil and Debbie to save Mark and his mother his left in a state of grief over everything that happened.

Aftermath and future

As Mark recovers from the near-death experience, the new Guardians of the Globe become more united than ever after watching the father-son battle, more determined than ever to protect their planet.

Cecil reveals the secrets of his agency to Mark after his recovery and asks him if wants to continue to be a superhero, who replies it’s too much at the moment.

Cecil pulls strings and fakes Nolan’s death as a gas-leak accident to ensure his identity as Omni-Man is hidden to protect Debbie and Mark.

Amber watched the fight as well and decides to give her and Mark’s relationship another chance. Mark, Amber, Eve and Willam go out to eat to get his mind off everything.

Cecil contacts Mark, telling him an unknown figure is approaching Earth. Invincible jets off into space, fearing that his father has returned.

But it turns out to be Allen the Alien, who rushed to warn Invincible about a Viltrumite living on Earth. Mark tells him the entire story.

Allen the Alien says that it’s odd for a Viltrumite to leave his post and that more from his planet will definitely come for Earth, warning Invincible that a fight is inevitable. He replies he’ll be ready.

A montage of all the other villains from the season then plays out, showing that there are still a lot of threats to Earth apart from the Viltrumite empire, setting up next season.

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