All Titans shown in Godzilla vs. Kong

The much awaited ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ is finally out and watching the two titular behemoths facing off against each other is a visual spectacle. Furthermore, the film also gives a juicy glimpse of multiple monsters and introduces a vast new ecosystem within the planet’s core, known as the Hollow Earth.

It is undeniable that the best part about these flicks, apart from the building crumbling action, is the amount of monsters they showcase and introduce, and the MonsterVerse’s latest entry does not disappoint when it comes to that aspect.

So which Titans aka Kaiju appear in the film? Check out the complete list:

Godzilla (Titanus Gojira)

All Titans shown in Godzilla vs. Kong 1

A member of a prehistoric lizard superspecies, Godzilla is considered the undisputed king of the monsters, owing to his immeasurable strength and resilience. He is known to be a major part of earth’s core defences as he keeps other Titans in check and maintains the natural balance. What also makes him stand above the rest is his ability to shoot atomic breath from his mouth.

The final remaining specimen of his kind, his species came into existence over 250 million years ago. The last one retreated to the depths of the ocean owing to reducing radiation levels on the surface (as they feed on radiation) but was awakened in 1954 by a US military submarine. There were subsequent attempts to kill him under the name of nuclear testing but to no avail.

This led to the formation of the US Government’s Titan research agency known as Monarch to keep a tab on Godzilla and others like him.

Kong (Titanus Kong)

All Titans shown in Godzilla vs. Kong 2

The alpha ape Titan, Kong, is a bipedal creature who resides on Skull Island but later moves into Hollow Earth. Known to belong to a species that evolved within the Hollow Earth ecosystem, he shares a resemblance with regular gorillas and apes. However, it is an entirely new superspecies that is far superior to any lookalikes.

Similar to Godzilla, he too is presumably the last remaining member of his kind, who were worshipped by the Skull Island natives as gods. The MonsterVerse lore has confirmed an ancient history of war between his and Godzilla’s species that left many on either side, dead.

Kong is usually a calm creature and extremely intelligent as he can communicate via sign language. However, his temper problems, when threatened, are beyond comprehension.


All Titans shown in Godzilla vs. Kong 3

Another Hollow Earth native species, the Warbats are first introduced in ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ when they attack Kong and the Apex Cybernetics team on their entry into this new habitat.

They are huge flying serpent like creatures with sharp fangs. Their body consists of scaly wings protruding from a cobra-like torso, making them extremely agile and lethal.

Skullcrawlers (Titanus Cranium Reptant)

All Titans shown in Godzilla vs. Kong 4

These nasty bony predators come from the depths of Skull Island and are one of Kong’s fiercest rivals. They are reptilian creatures that are equipped with two slender forelimbs, a long aggressive tail, a skeletal head, and an undying thirst for blood.

The Skullcrawlers were responsible for killing a lot of Kong’s species on the island, including his parents. The gigantic ape battled them in ‘Kong Skull Island’, decapitating the biggest one towards the end.

King Ghidorah (Titanus Ghidorah)

All Titans shown in Godzilla vs. Kong 5

Infamously known as Monster Zero, Ghidorah is a three headed dragon of extraterrestrial origins but its presence in Godzilla vs. Kong is sort of bitter sweet. The Titan, in its entirety, is not present in the film as Godzilla blew it to smithereens in the previous entry — Godzilla King of the Monsters.

However, what does make an appearance is its skull which is in possession of Apex Cybernetics. The company uses Ghidorah’s neural abilities (that allowed his three heads to communicate telepathically) to power and control an artificially created machine, built as a Titan killing weapon.

Ghidorah in its prime was Godzilla’s equal if not superior. It had the ability to fly, could shoot energy beams from all three of its heads and could regenerate severed body parts. The only way Godzilla was able to defeat this formidable opponent was after consuming excessive radiation from an atomic blast triggered by humans, giving him a temporary energy boost.


All Titans shown in Godzilla vs. Kong 6

The only Titan in this list that isn’t an actual living creature, Mechagodzilla is created by Apex Cybernetics as a Titan deterrent and resembles its organic namesake in structure and shape. It is controlled manually using neural links embedded in Ghidorah’s skull and is equipped with lethal weapons and abilities.

The film sees this supposed human saving mechanical creation go haywire after an energy surge allows Ghidorah’s conscience to take over the systems. This machine makes cakewalk of beating down a tired Godzilla and would have easily defeated him if not for Kong stepping in.

It takes Godzilla and Kong teaming up, as well as an enforced system error to put down this manic beast.

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