The Good Fight season 6 episode 1 recap & review: The Beginning of the End

The Good Fight season 6 returns with a new office for Diane as she stepped down as a partner last season. Liz took great care of the place; but now, it seems like she might have to share that position with a new partner.


Diane returns from her vacation to find the office compound empty. Marissa Gold, now an attorney at law, tells her about protests that are wreaking havoc in the city. She tries to be on the good side of Diane and takes a major case from her.

The protests, Marissa helping her unpack, tear gas, and the birds flying right into her window sees Diane believing that she is experiencing some sort of deja vu.

Liz and Diane have a case involving sexual assault in a metaverse. The case aside, Liz has one more thing to worry about. Mr. Osman in the STR Laurie meeting mentioned that she might have to share duties with a second partner soon.

While Liz and Diane attended the court, the second partner Ri’Chard Lane showed up at the office. Lane, in no time, took over the place and began shaping it according to his liking.

In court, Diane and Liz try to object to victim Willow’s accusation of sexual assault in Chumhum’s metaverse. They believe it’s not an actual assault since it’s animated. On top of that, Willow had every opportunity to turn off the goggles of the metaverse to escape.

Willow’s lawyer, Bill, requests a demonstration of the assault with the help of the same goggles and a haptic suit. The judge tries them on and experiences what Willow went through.

Everyone at the firm, later at night, tries their hand at Chumhum’s metaverse. An undercover Jay manages to find Willow interacting flirtatiously with other online avatars.

In court, Willow ends up admitting that she did go to the avatar that attacked her. She was looking for some closure. Still, at the end of the day, she believes it doesn’t change anything. They did attack her.

Amidst all of this, Diane opts to learn more about deja vu. Through a metaverse advertisement, she lands at Dr. Lyle Bettencourt’s office. He offers her PT-108 in order to figure out what she is going through.

Moyo, on her side, aids Ben-Baruch from the underworld while Marissa goes numb on her continuance.

The episode comes to a close with someone throwing a fake grenade inside a lift with Diane, Liz, Marissa, Jay, and Moyo inside it. The grenade comes with a warning message. It says that the next one would be real.


  • The final season brings quite a fresh start with every character progressing in one way or another. Except for Diane, who has taken a backseat after stepping down as a partner last season.
  • Ri’Chard’s addition is quite interesting. With Liz and him being polar opposites, it seems like they will constantly be at loggerheads with each other.
  • The case featured in the episode hardly gets screen time. Thus, leaving room for the other characters to develop with their sub-plot.
  • Moyo’s sub-plot comes off as a cliche where she knows she is on the wrong path but still opts to follow it. A similar case for Marissa’s subplot who is looking for assistance and encouragement from her father Eli after going numb during a major case.
The Good Fight season 6 episode 1
The Good Fight season 6 episode 1 recap & review: The Beginning of the End 1

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