Who is Carla Riccitelli from Gunther’s Millions?

In Gunther’s Millions, apart from being Maurizio’s ex-wife, Carla Riccitelli is also revealed to be his right-hand woman. The docuseries is now streaming on Netflix.

Gunther’s Millions documents the life of a dog who is a millionaire because he inherited the wealth of a German countess. The docuseries depicts the kind of life Gunther, a German Shepherd, lives and the truth behind it.

It is Gunther’s caretaker, Maurizio Mian, who decides how the money in Gunther’s trust will be used. While Maurizio is the one in charge, his ex-wife, Carla Riccitelli, is the second person in charge of the Gunther trust.

Carla has been with Maurizio for years. Even though their marriage is over, she is still overly protective of him and would do anything for him. She holds a significant position in his life and in his business.

Carla and Maurizio’s relationship

Carla met Maurizio in 1993; the CEO of her advertising firm took her to meet him. She instantly fell in love with the idea of working for Gunther when Maurizio told her that he works for a dog.

Their relationship developed and they got married. A few years later, Carla gave birth to their son. She named their son Gunther after their dog.

While Maurizio openly admits to everything on-screen, Carla is much more careful with her answers. She answers all the questions carefully and laughs off the ones that she does not think should be answered; she appears to be someone who helps Maurizio find a balance. 

When she is asked about the decision to have the Gunther trust in the Bahamas, she diplomatically answers that they like the place instead of revealing the truth that there is no tax on income earned by the trusts that are offshore.

When the question of the German countess and her son arises, she admits that the countess and the son are not real but reveals that there was indeed a German woman; Maurizio’s mother often talked to her about this woman, who was her friend.

She refuses to comment on the reason behind Maurizio fabricating the story of the son. She does not like making assumptions concerning this subject and thinks that only Maurizio can answer this question.

She is still Maurizio’s close companion; she is the one who accompanies him to the Bahamas to buy an island where they plan to build a sanctuary for the animals who are in need. She has a considerable say in almost all of Maurizio’s decisions.

The Burgundians

When Maurizio bought Madonna’s house in Miami, he decided to create an entertainment group called the Burgundians. The group was supposed to live with Gunther in the house.

The casting requirements for the group were as strange as they come. The group had to represent Maurizio’s idea of beauty. Carla was also a part of this group. In fact, she was the leader of the group.

Gunther’s Millions Carla
Carla was a part of the Burgundians

Every decision related to the group had to go through her; the members claim that she was, if not more, just as much in charge as Maurizio. She was the one representing the corporation, and Maurizio was just in the background.

The group was more of an experiment than an entertainment group. The members were encouraged to live a hedonistic lifestyle. Like the other members, Carla also had sexual relations with the members of the house. 

When she is asked about it, she does not give a direct answer but implies that Lee was one of her partners. Lee admits that they liked each other, and Maurizio often introduced him as Carla’s boyfriend.

According to Carla, her marriage with Maurizio ended in 2001; it can be said that it was an open marriage, as the two had different partners of their own. Since the two had a child, this relationship was no longer suitable for Carla.

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