Bridgerton Family Tree: Lineage in Netflix series explained

Bridgerton has been nothing short of a sensation for Netflix, even breaking the viewership record previously held by The Witcher.

Viewers have been raving over the various families that appear over the course of the eight-episode series.

Some families have their own tradition as well. The children in the Bridgerton family are named in Alphabetical order (Starting from A for the oldest).

This also explains why Simon and Daphne had to pick a name starting with ‘A’ at the end of Bridgerton. It’s a tradition. As per the books, they name her Amelia.

All three daughters in the Featherington family have names starting with the letter ‘P’.

Are you still confused about who belongs to which family?

Here’s the family tree of the two main families in Bridgerton season 1:

Bridgerton Family Tree

Bridgerton Family Tree (Netflix)

Featherington Family Tree

Featherington Family Tree (Netflix)

Let’s get into a bit more detail:

The Bridgertons:

Edmund: Not much is revealed about the former Viscount except that his death has thrust Anthony into the role of Viscount as he struggles with responsibilities of being the head of the family.

Violet: The Viscountess is seen heading the family along with her son. She also guides her eldest daughter Daphne, who is navigating suitors for a potential husband.

Anthony: The eldest son and the heir to the title of the Viscount, who inherits it by the start of the series after his father’s death. He is torn between his responsibility and his love for his mistress Siena.

Benedict: The second son of the Bridgerton family. He has frequent conversations with his sister Eloise at nights where they discuss the direction of their lives. He is also seen courting the Modiste Genevieve Delacroix. 

Colin: He courts Marina Thompson throughout the season, but their relationship collapses when he realises she hasn’t been completely honest to him and had already been pregnant with the child of her former lover.

Daphne: Completely oblivious about realities of married life, Daphne discovers how arduous maintaining relationships can be as she finds love with Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings.

Eloise: A bit different from the rest of her family, Eloise does not care about being proper and keeping up traditions. She, instead, wants to study and lead a very different life.

Francesca: One of the lesser focussed on, Francesca is left more of a mystery in season 1 with only few dialogues. She is also missing for most of the season.

Gregory: Often seen with his younger sister Hyacinth, Gregory is the lively youngest son of the Bridgerton family. 

Hyacinth: Shown to be quite interested in her sister’s love life, Hyacinth is shown questioning Daphne as she is courted by the Duke and the Prussian Prince Friedrich.

The Featheringtons:

Archibald: The head of the Featheringtons, Archibald is seen neglecting his family, especially after he loses most of their money in gambling.

Portia: Archibald’s wife is seen handling the affairs of her family, whose situation is deteriorating by the day, due to them losing their money. She is also shown to be harder on Marina, whom she considers a burden.

Prudence: Eldest daughter of the Featheringtons, she is mostly seen with her sister Philipa commenting on the circumstances in the show.

Philipa: She is courted by Albion Finch, however, he is scared away by her father who has, unknown to his daughters, lost all money for their dowry.

Penelope: The youngest Featherington, Penelope has a strong friendship with Eloise Bridgerton. She is smitten by Colin Bridgerton, and gets envious when he decides to court her distant cousin Marina.

Marina Thompson: A distant cousin of the Featheringtons, she is sent to live with them to help her enter society. However, she is revealed to be pregnant with the child of her former lover, a soldier named George.

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