The Bollywood movie & songs featured in Shantaram episodes 6 & 7

Prabhu took Parvati on a date to watch a Bollywood movie that stayed with them while she fought cholera. The sixth and seventh episodes of Shantaram are now streaming on Apple TV+.

Parvati’s mother urged Prabhu to force Parvati to give up her job at Lin’s clinic if he wants to marry her.

Prabhu knew the passion Parvati has for helping people and claimed that he doesn’t want to pull her away from the one thing she loves just because he wants to tie the knot with her.

Parvati overheard their conversation and acknowledged the love Prabhu has for her. She assured him that she will marry him with or without the blessings of her parents.

To celebrate the day, he took her to watch a movie where they came closer than ever.

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Which movie are Prabhu and Parvati watching?

Prabhu had bought tickets to the 1981 Bollywood film Barsaat Ki Ek Raat, directed by Shakti Samanta, starring Amitabh Bachchan, Raakhee, Amjad Khan, and Utpal Dutt.

Prabhu certainly had immense love for the lead star of the film, and it all came out while they watched it from the theater’s gallery.

The Bollywood movie & songs featured in Shantaram episodes 6 & 7 1
Prabhu and Parvati enjoy a Bollywood movie from the theater gallery

The audience sitting alongside them shared the same love as they danced along to the tune that was played later in the film.

The song they danced to is Kaliram Ka Dhol, which is composed by Rahul Dev Burman, written by Anand Bakshi, and sung by Kishore Kumar.

The song Prabhu sings to Parvati

Once the whole theatre stopped dancing, Parvati passed out on her seat. Prabhu took her back to Sagar Wada, where Lin treated several patients suffering from similar symptoms.

Lin eventually figured out that Sagar Wada is facing a cholera outbreak.

In the seventh episode of Shantaram, Prabhu blamed himself and spent a day sitting behind Parvati’s house. He retold her the entire story of the film they watched.

At night, he sang her to sleep. The song he was singing is Manchali O Manchali, which is from the same film and is sung by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle.

The original song plays as the end credits for the seventh episode roll.

Another song to appear in the sixth episode of Shantaram is Apne Pyar Ke Sapne, sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar, which is from the same film as well.

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