Shantaram season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Apo Vai Pranah

The seventh episode of Shanataram sees Lin struggling to save the people of Sagar Wada from a cholera outbreak. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


A dreadful night begins for the people of Sagar Wada, as every household has a member who is sick. The people fight around for Lin’s attention, and he manages to calm things down by the morning.

Lin recognizes the symptoms to be of cholera and approaches Qasim to take immediate action. Apparently, Qasim and the people of Sagar Wada have their own ways to tackle an outbreak.

They don’t really rely on outside help and, like always, are used to people dying in their jhopadpatti. Lin is worried that at this rate he will lose more people, including Parvati.

Prabhu blames himself for Parvati’s condition as they had gone on a date and is now afraid of how things will be once Lin leaves, but Lin assures him that he won’t be going anytime soon until this situation is resolved.

Moving on, Lin starts adjusting to how Qasim and the people of Sagar Wada are taking care of this.

Meanwhile, one of Khader Khan’s men keeps a close eye on Minister Pandey and the girl he has been dating secretly, named Sunita. He follows Sunita to where she lives and finds out that she is a prostitute.

Abdullah suggests that Walid Shah will waste no time in killing Sunita if she becomes a threat to Minister Pandey’s position. Khader Khan wants to use this leverage, and therefore, he needs to make sure that Sunita remains safe.

Khader Khan plans to send Sunita to Zhou’s palace and asks for Karla’s opinion. She figures out that he has already discussed this plan with Abdullah and wonders why her opinion matters.

Khader Khan assures her that they will not do anything that she can’t live with, and if she wants, they will find another way out of this soon.

Khader Khan and the company visit Zhou, and she proposes to buy a number of prostitutes, apart from Sunita, to avoid any suspicion. While Khader Khan leaves, Karla stays to make sure everything goes right.

Back at Sagar Wada, Jitendra, one of the residents of the jhopadpatti, dies, and Lin once again takes the whole blame on himself. He confesses to Prabhu and Qasim that he can’t get used to the ways of Sagar Wada.

Unwillingly, Lin breaks the rules of the jhopdapatti and approaches Khader Khan, who is ready to deliver clean water to the slums. At the same time, he wants something in return. He no longer wants his assistance to be a secret.

The next day, Khader Khan brings trucks full of water to Sagar Wada, and everyone praises and worships him for the rescue. Khader Khan asks them to thank Lin, who is responsible for saving their lives.

Qasim wasn’t really happy with this, and even Prabhu came shouting at Lin, but in the end, he thanked him for saving Parvati.

Prabhu is welcomed inside Parvati’s house by her family, while Lin decides to take a nap after a day’s work.

Amidst all of this, Sunita, along with the other three prostitutes, arrives at Zhou’s palace. Zhou explains to Karla how she is different from her as she is not working for someone.

Karla observes how terrified Sunita is and sheds a tear.

Lisa argues with Modena and points out how he should’ve been the one to say no to Raheem when he asked for a night with her, but now she is playing her part in the heroin deal.

Modena stays all night around the hotel they are meeting at and waits for Lisa to get done with Raheem.

At Reynaldo’s, Abdullah warns Maurizio about carrying out his heroin deal and threatens him to stop.


  • Lin’s constant urge to blame himself and the way he reacts to death around him is now becoming a bit irritating.
  • Khader Khan is too good at manipulating and the show makes it obvious from the very beginning. Now all the effort he has put comes into the full picture in the form of Lin enlisting his help all over again.
  • The show has finally created the conflict that it has been building up for a while with Lin getting involved with gangsters even though a journalist is coming after him.
  • On Karla’s side, she is finally seeing through Khader Khan’s ways and is probably trying to figure out where she stands.
  • There is another sub-plot of Maurizio’s drug deal that has been going well. Hopefully, the show won’t mess things up in an attempt to do justice to all of these storylines.
Shantaram season 1 episode 7
Shantaram season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Apo Vai Pranah 1

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