Central Park season 3 episode 1, 2 & 3 recaps & review

Owen has big plans for Central Park this season with a campaign in his mind. The only problem might be Bitsy, who wants to buy the place for herself. The first three episodes of Central Park season 3 are available to stream on Apple TV+ now.

Episode 1 recap: A Star Is Owen

Springtime has certainly brought growth and change to New York. Since the resignation of Mayor Whitebottom, a new interim mayor in the form of Quincy Leeds has taken over. Everyone loves the new mayor. Owen has been trying to meet him for weeks, only to fail.

So, he tried a different approach by inviting film and TV productions to shoot in his park. Gina Tracker, FBI becomes the first show to be shot at Central Park.

The Tillermans, in excitement, pay a visit to the set. While Cole gets busy with the raccoons, Molly spends time trying out the makeup and props brought for the show.

The director is lovely and even offers Owen a background role in the show. Just when all the dreams of Owen were about to come true, the director ordered the crew to place litter in the park to create a crime scene.

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The storyline of the show revolves around a park that kills. Owen wanted the portrayal of his park to be good, and the director was doing the complete opposite.

Owen objected and interrupted every time the director made a mistake when it came to the facts about nature. The director was furious and decided to move in whether Owen agreed or not. This saw Owen rebelling as he tried to clear out the park.

In the process, he tried to move a body covered in squibs, which resulted in fake blood spilling all over Owen’s clothes.

At around the same time, the mayor arrived. Before the director could say a word, Owen tried to address his message for the park through a speech and a song. While the production crew ignored him, the mayor noticed.

Mayor Leeds loved Owen’s passion. So, Owen took a chance and pitched his campaign idea to raise appreciation and awareness for the park. Owen dropped a few names for the campaign, but the mayor came up with “I Heart The Park,” which Owen loved too.

Amidst all of this, Bitsy and Helen held auditions for future mayor candidates. A mayor Bitsy can keep in her pocket. After coming up short in finding the potential candidate, Helen noticed the interim mayor on TV and suggested him to Bitsy.

Initially, Bitsy believed he is a nobody, until Helen explained how this nobody can be a puppet to Bitsy’s strings.

Episode 2 recap: Paige’s Next Chapter

The Tillermans were waiting for Paige’s sister Abby to arrive. While Owen has a plant for her, Cole and Molly battle to be Abby’s favourite. Cole planned to make chew gum for her while Molly went for a croquembouche.

Paige, on her side, was worried since Abby hasn’t lived anywhere else but Oshkosh. So Abby’s life is about to change completely. Owen points out she is not the only one since Paige also has a meeting with a big publisher later that day.

Paige reunites with Abby in her apartment where she is living with an old couple and a DJ. In a small apartment, Abby has little to no space for herself.

Paige takes Abby out to shop and learns that she will be going for a photo shoot later on. Abby mentions that the photo shoot is cheaper than in Oshkosh.

Paige catches this as a red flag and decides to tag along with her sister to make sure it’s safe. After meeting the photographer, Paige thought he is hiding a dark secret. Paige was almost convinced that this photographer is a serial killer after taking a look at his equipment.

The photographer came clean that he is not a serial killer, but he does headshots of animals. Much like Abby, he came to New York to photograph people but got caught in this. Abby is his first client after twenty years of struggle. Therefore, he has no reviews or anything about him.

Paige was worried about Abby, which made her overthink. Amidst this, she also forgot about her meeting with the publisher. Abby helped her sister to reach the meeting on time, just like how Paige helped her throughout the day.

Meanwhile, Bitsy had to deal with her pianist’s replacement whose singing skills were horrible. Despite that, she received quite an applause at the lounge. The episode came to a close with Cole and Molly combing their dishes to welcome Abby.

Episode 3: Ice Ice Not Baby

Molly and Brendan were preparing for the upcoming couple’s skate at the ice rink. Things started getting awkward for them when Molly asked Brendan if she can borrow his pockets to warm her fingers.

The awkwardness continues the next day when the couple crashes into Molly’s friends at the ice rink. Brendan struggles to blend in with Molly’s friends while she fails to figure out why Brendan is being awkward all of a sudden which results in a fight during their ice-skating practice.

Molly eventually turns to her friends Hazel and Shauna. They act as love detectives and present several reasons Brendan is all of a sudden cold to Molly.

The only fitting reason Molly believes is that he is jealous because she laughed at Jacob’s joke, a friend of Molly they crashed into earlier in the episode.

Molly confronts Brendan and sees a gift for her in a trash can. She realizes that’s the reason Brendan was hesitant to give his pockets to her. Brendan disappears and Molly decides to make a grand gesture to bring him out.

The couple reunites and eventually comes clean to each other. Molly knows the first reason, the second was the fact that he doesn’t have any knowledge about art. He felt embarrassed in front of Molly’s friends when they were talking about art.

Molly calmed Brendan down as they reconciled and ice-skated together.

Amidst all of this, Bitsy got familiar with interim Mayor Leeds by putting up a fake persona. In the name of friendship, Bitsy offered to help him become a full-time mayor. Meanwhile, Abby received her first audition for a commercial, only for her to lose it to a parrot.


  • Abby is quite an interesting character added this season. Especially because Molly and Cole love her and constantly find themselves tagging along with her. This trio together could be one of the best things happening this season.
  • Apart from this trio, the sister bond between Paige and Abby was quite heart-warming as well. The only takeaway is that we are yet to see how Owen and Abby work together.
  • Bitsy trying to be nice to everyone was quite a treat to watch. We expect to see this fake persona return in front of Mayor Leeds again. The uncomfortableness of Bitsy is what makes the scene fun to watch.
  • Lastly, the third season seems to have a lot of progress on its hand. Paige is moving on to bigger things as a writer and so is Owen, who will be leading a campaign for his park.
Central Park season 3 episodes 1, 2 & 3
Central Park season 3 episode 1, 2 & 3 recaps & review 1

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