Dial 100 ending explained: Does Nikhil Sood save his family?

ZEE5 Original film ‘Dial 100’ follows a man desperate attempt to save his family from the grasp of a vengeful mother while trying to stay within the boundaries of the law.

The storyline follows Senior Inspector Nikhil Sood (Manoj Bajpayee), head of the Mumbai Police emergency control room, who receives an anonymous call from a woman in distress.

The caller, later revealed as Seema Pallav (Neena Gupta), is out to get revenge from those responsible for her son’s death a year ago.

Following her plan, she kidnaps Sood’s wife Prerna (Sakshi Tanwar), making her the bait to get hold of his teenage son, Dhruv (Svar Kamble), to reach a bigger goal.

Meanwhile, Sood is trapped within the confines of his control room in view of someone reporting back to Seema.

Can he get out in time to save his family, or will Karma have its field day?

Dial 100 ending explained in detail:

Present confrontation

The movie opens on a solemn note on a rainy day as Nikhil Sood makes his way to the Police Control Room at around midnight to begin another monotonous day of receiving distressed calls for help.

He receives a call from his wife informing him about his son leaving home to attend a party. She hints at history repeating itself without giving out the premise.

A while later, a mysterious woman calls Sood and tells him how she wants to do something about her pain. He initially takes it as a woman wanting to commit suicide, but she later tells him that she wants to take revenge on the one who did her wrong.

She has purchased two guns and is ready for action. Sood goes on alert, but the connection in the control room is cut at that instant, leaving him with no option to check.

Cut to his home, his wife Priya comes face-to-face with the caller, identified as Seema Pallav, a distressed mother, who kidnaps her and hurts their dog.

Sood receives a call from his neighbour informing him about the empty condition of his home. He also receives a call from Priya where Pallav tells him to get his son to reach a nightclub where the main perpetrator, Yash, is.

That’s when the past misdeeds reveal itself.

Past sins

A year ago, Seema Pallav lost her only son to an accident. The main perpetrator was Yash, the son of one of the richest men in India, who was in a drug-induced state when the accident occurred.

Instead of doing justice, the law and the caretakers of law gave a clean chit to Yash while his father shamelessly offered the grieving parents compensation for the loss.

They chose to fight but lost it in court after Dhruv Sood, a teenager who supplied drugs to Yash, was forbidden by his parents Nikhil and Priya Sood, to appear in court lest he is jailed for the crime.

For years, Seema and her husband tried to move past the incident and even tried to have another child, but there was no respite. Finding no alternative, they decided to take such a drastic step.

Karma in play

Sood somehow manages to grab hold of the CCTV of the nightclub where Seema is along with his wife and son. He also comes to know someone is keeping a watch on him.

At that moment, he receives intel about Seema’s husband and realises it’s the same man who has been acting as the tea seller. He has also been the one who cut the wire of the control room.

They had a violent confrontation where Seema’s husband was shot. Sood runs out after telling his team to take care of the issue.

He reaches the venue in time to see Seema has gotten hold of Yash, his son Dhruv and his wife, Priya. He tries to prevent her from harming them but to no avail.

Seema realises her husband is dead, and in the heat of the verbal confrontation with Sood, she shoots Yash and Dhruv and is shot by Sood in turn.

The scene cuts to the hospital, where the doctor says that Yash was saved, but Dhruv passed away. Following which Yash’s father offers Sood the same deal of compensation.

The karmic circle completes itself in a strange twist of fate. Sood is asked to delete the conversation and the proof relating to the incident.

Sood goes to the police control room, gets hold of all the conversation and dials the number to the media. The film culminates with Sood in an empty control room with the call ringing as it tries to connect him to a hopeful end.

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