The Swarm ending explained: Does Virginie survive?

Netflix’s ‘The Swarm’ follows the family of three struggling to survive by breeding and selling roasted locusts. When the mother uncovers a secret weapon, everything changes for the family.

The French horror ‘The Swarm’ follows Virginie (Suliane Brahim) who farms locusts as a viable option to feed her two children after the death of her husband. 

After a sudden rage due to the drowning business, Virginie accidentally discovers that the locusts thrive on the diet of blood. Learning this, she gives her everything to give them the nutrition they need regardless of the fatal repercussions.

Does she manage to turn her life around and make it out of this ordeal?

Here is ‘The Swarm’s’ ending explained in detail:

The accidental fall

Given the limited reproduction of locusts and her daughter’s dismal treatment of the business, Virginie, once and for all, decides to sell her locust-breeding business and start anew with her children.

After an unsatisfying sale, Virginie throws a fit and destroys the feeder. In her rage, she slips and accidentally hits her head which causes her to bleed and faint inside the said feeder.

After waking up to the scene of her locusts feeding over her blood, she runs back into the house.

The goat

After the revelation that the locusts crave blood, Virginie decidedly bends the laws of nature. She offers the insects her own blood to increase the egg-laying and reproduction. The business thrives after that.

In the absence of Virginie, Laura (Marie Narbonne), cuts open a feeder tent and sets the bloodthirsty swarm of locusts out in the open. In search of food, the pests attack Gaston, the younger brother. 

Hiding in the car with the family goat locked out, Huguette the goat becomes food for the newly blood-dependent swarm. Upon returning, Virginie finds the dead body of Huguette coated with feeding locusts.

This only seems to be a breakthrough and an alternative for Virginie who sacrifices the neighbours’ dog and a cow for locust breeding.

The fire

Upon discovering her mother covered with feeding locusts, Laura tries to find refuge in a family friend, Karim. After the failure to confront Virginie through the help of Karim, they return home. 

While dropping the mother-daughter duo off, Karim suspects something strange in the tents and inspects them. To his horror, he sees the dead body of the neighbour, who was trying to find his lost dog, covered with blood-lusting locusts.

Taking drastic measures, Karim burns down the tents but the fire does not kill the pests. Despite taking shelter in the house, Karim dies covered by locusts that break through the window glass.

Distracting Virginie from her precious perishing tents is Laura’s scream for help. Running from her infected house, Laura hides in the river nearby and covers her head with a boat. 

Virginie diverts the swarm’s attention by cutting her hands with a pocket knife. She paints herself in her own blood to save her daughter from the monsters she created. 

After sensing silence from outside, Laura sees her barely alive mother surrounded by dead locusts in the water. The film ends with Laura hysterically swimming towards her mother and hugging her.

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