Yuri: Criminal Code character explained

Yuri is one of the major supporting characters in Netflix’s crime drama based on a real story, Criminal Code. The character is played by Giovanni di Lorenzi.

One of the biggest hurdles for the Brazilian Federal Police in tracking down the criminals of the Organization who pulled off a great heist in Ciudad del Este is that they’re all elusive.

Working as a big part of the operation is the Ghost Gang, a legendary group of robbers who never leave any speck of evidence at the crime scene and consequently have never been tracked down.

However, the rest of the criminals involved in the Ciudad del Este robbery aren’t as proficient or meticulous. This leaves crumbs for the police to collect and examine those crumbs to track down the criminals. Yuri the Federal officer leading the forensic part of this investigation.

The forensic wiz

Yuri is not a rookie but he’s often treated like one by some Federal agents at Foz do Iguaçu station. Yuri leads the investigation on the forensic side of things and the science and research lab where all the analysis happens.

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Yuri becomes instrumental in a major breakthrough when he helps Suellen and Benício track down the criminals who carried out the insurance company robbery, by examining all the evidence collected at the Ciudad del Este mansion.

Yuri Criminal Code Netflix
Image source: Netflix

It served as their base of operations where they planned and hung out, and so everything from the ashtrays to the table to every little transient in the mansion carried the DNA of all the criminals, which made the location a treasure trove for Yuri.

The DNA analysis ends up giving the police matches for many criminals who they all manage to book and under legitimate conviction, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Yuri’s successful report card leads to Benício and Suellen covertly collecting DNA samples of many other criminals which further leads to more convictions. One of these DNA samples is a match for Soulless, the key player who also killed Benício’s former partner.

The change of mind

Benício wishes to get ahead of Soulless and his men after they’ve robbed the bank in Loanda (which Roleta had planned before his abrupt and horrific demise). He is rabid and wants Soulless at any cost, even if it is his own career.

He ends up going against Rossi’s order and sets off for the location he knows Soulless is going to pass through. However, thanks to Moreira, who put a tracker on his car, Benício is tracked down and Suellen, Moreira, and Yuri gear up to assist him.

Yuri is scared out of his wits because he’s never been a field agent and to now be a part of this live cross-fire with real criminals is perilous, to say the least. He ends up getting pretty traumatized after the incident even though he’s unharmed.

The deaths of the criminals are too much for him and he feels the real weight of his actions for the first time.

He makes a rather big decision, which is to relocate to Brasilia and continue his work at the National Bank of Genetics, which he says is more his thing. He continues to work there until the investigation comes to a close and ends up being a great success.

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