Yoshirou Usuba: My Happy Marriage character explained

Yoshirou Usuba is a supporting character in My Happy Marriage; father to late Sumi Saimori, and grandfather to Miyo Saimori, he carries secrets, resentments, and regrets. The character is voiced by Kosei Hirota.

Yoshirou Usuba is the patriarchal head of the Usuba family. He’s the grandfather of Arata Usuba and Miyo Saimori.

So far in My Happy Marriage, he’s been a source for important exposition regarding Miyo’s lineage and supernatural powers.

The Usuba head

Before Arata finally wins Miyo in the duel with Kiyoka, he welcomes him as he brings his fianceé who’s afflicted with horrible nightmares — a problem that stems from Miyo’s biological lineage and something that Yoshirou is aware of.

When she’s brought into the Usuba house and starts living, Yoshirou explains to her in detail about the powers sealed within her and why her mother sealed them in the first place.

Yoshirou Usuba Miyo
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His authority within the household is absolute, as is demonstrated by the instance during which he allows Miyo to venture out and visit an injured Kiyoka, despite Arata’s protests and reluctance.

Estranged and regretful

Years before Miyo’s birth, the Usuba family racked up quite a big financial burden, and the Saimori family offered a helping hand.

This offer entailed an exchange — a helping hand for the dwindling financial condition of Sumi’s hand in marriage. Yoshirou Usuba didn’t like the offer and rejected the Saimori family each time they pitched it.

However, Sumi did accept the offer and went on to marry Shinichi Saimori, against her father’s wishes.

This put a strain on their relationship and they became estranged. All the connections to her getting severed post-marriage didn’t help either.

Sumi eventually passed away and Yoshirou always regretted not being on good terms with his daughter and not letting her be more independent, which put a strain on their relationship in the first place.

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