Sumi Saimori: My Happy Marriage character explained

Sumi Saimori is a supporting character in My Happy Marriage, playing a significant role in the protagonist’s life.

Before her life turned into a hellscape of bullying and abuse, by tormentors who were her own family members, Miyo had her biological mother to rely on and be cared for.

Unfortunately for her, this period of motherly affection wouldn’t last, and as soon as it was over, Miyo’s life took a turn for the worst, until she gets a glimmer of hope again, this time in the form of a husband-to-be.

A silhouette of sweetness

Sumi Saimori mostly appears in fleeting memories to Miyo, and, therefore, are presented with scenes that don’t run for long.

There’s a sense of peace, comfort, and yet a bit of melancholy whenever Miyo thinks back on the days she spent with her mother before her eventual passing.

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Sumi is shown to be a beautiful, kind, and gentle woman, who cares for her daughter most passionately. From the Sakura tree that she used to stand under, to the cherry pink kimono she used to wear, her presence is always accompanied by serene and captivating visuals.

A prize

Sumi Saimori was arranged married to Shinichi Saimori, a prestigious family but also one that sees its prestige slowly drained away as people born with supernatural gifts become rarer and rarer by the day.

Sumi, on the other hand, hails from one of the most fascinating families — the Usuba family.

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Image source: Netflix

It’s a highly reclusive family that stays away from civilization’s busy regions and is muttered about for its extremely powerful and unique gifts. Sumi is one of the members who is gifted which is why she was married off to Shinichi.

A mother

This sought-after bloodline is the reason why Shinichi claims he would have been able to love Miyo, but since she lacks the talents for even Spirit-Sight, he shuns her.

Sumi tries to get him to care for their daughter but fails to get the cruel and apathetic man to do so. Meanwhile, it’s herself who is behind Miyo’s lack of supernatural abilities.

It turns out, Miyo did inherit these special powers from her bloodline and is able to Dream-Sight (a power that can change and influence other minds).

However, this very ability makes her a subject of great intrigue, and every other power-hungry party would seek her to enrich their bloodline.

Sumi knew that which is why she sealed her daughter’s powers away, which she does in order to protect her from others in her absence. Shortly, Sumi Saimori passes away and her act of saving her daughter doesn’t particularly yield success until later on in Miyo’s life.

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