Yoshi’s death in Through My Window: Across the Sea explained

The second film in the series, Through My Window: Across the Sea ended with a devastating fate for one of the major characters in the film, Yoshi. Played by Guillermo Lasheras, he is best friends with Raquel alongside Daniela and tries his best to encourage and protect her. Unfortunately, certain events force Yoshi to act rashly and meet his end.

Repressed feelings

When the gang enjoys their vacation, we see Yoshi being hit on by Gregory’s sister Anna. She even kisses him during a game of Spin the Bottle, and the two end up having sex.

She is clearly into him, but Yoshi does his best to not reciprocate the feeling. Finally, Anna calls him out for always fending off other women because he loves Raquel, but is too reserved to tell her.

Furthermore, her relationship and devotion to Ares are major factors in him not wanting to be a problem for his best friend.

Yoshi's death in Through My Window: Across the Sea explained 1

The last straw

After Raquel and Ares break up due to the misunderstanding of the shirt, Yoshi finally sees hope. During the San Juan party, he spends a jolly time with Daniela and Raquel.

He finally gets drinks and is open to confessing his feelings to Raquel when he sees her with Gregory instead. As he offers her a drink, she asks him to have them and leaves. However, she thanks him for always being there for her.

Realizing that Raquel will never consider him more than a friend, Yoshi gets extremely drunk, steals a motorcycle, and rides off. He gets chased by the owner and their associates, causing him to panic and ride off the edge of a mountain road.

Yoshi's death in Through My Window: Across the Sea explained 2

Ares desperately attempts to revive him but is unable to. Yoshi’s death causes further friction between Ares and Raquel, with the latter criticizing Ares for not being able to save him.

In retaliation, Ares says it was her who left Yoshi alone while he was drunk to be with Gregory. In her speech, Raquel subtly suggests that she regrets wasting her time on a futile relationship and not spending more of it with her late friend.

A final favor

After Ares returns to Stockholm, Raquel and Daniela discover that Yoshi, posing as Raquel’s manager, had emailed her book’s manuscript to the publisher.

Raquel was not confident about her work, but we saw that Yoshi read it and encouraged her to email it throughout the film. When she couldn’t do it, he took it upon himself to help her writing career.

The film ends with the publishing company agreeing to go ahead with Raquel’s book for their young-adult section. Even after his passing, Yoshi made sure to give the love of his life the nudge she needed for a better life.

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