Yoon Na-yeon: Destined with You character explained

In Destined with You, Na-yeon, Hong-jo’s high school bully and Sin-yu’s fiancée, starts working at the City Hall, which creates new problems for Sin-yu and Hong-jo. Yura plays Na-yeon.

Hong-jo casts a love spell in the hope of making Kwon Jae-gyeong fall in love with her. Instead of Jae-gyeong, Sin-yu ends up drinking the love potion and developing feelings for Hong-jo.

With time, Hong-jo and Sin-yu grow close, and even Hong-jo starts liking him. However, Sin-yu is dating Yoon Na-yeon, a woman who hurt Hong-jo in the past, and Hong-jo does not want to ruin anyone’s relationship.

Na-yeon and Hong-jo’s history

Na-yeon gets the project of renovating Onju City Hall. Everyone at City Hall thinks that she is perfect and has everything that one could possibly want in life. Na-yeon is a beautiful woman who comes from a rich and influential family. Her father is the mayor, and her fiancée is a successful lawyer. 

Hong-jo and Na-yeon went to the same school when they were younger. In fact, Na-yeon and Hong-jo were best friends. That changed when Na-yeon’s then-boyfriend approached Hong-jo.

Na-yeon assumed that Hong-jo was trying to steal her boyfriend. She then started bullying Hong-jo and ridiculing her for coming from a working-class family. The bullying got so bad that Hong-jo had to drop out of school. 

Years later, the two women meet again. Hong-jo does not want anything to do with her, but she gets convinced to move on when Na-yeon apologizes to Hong-jo with tears in her eyes because she finds out that Hong-jo lost her father after dropping out. 

Destined with You Na-yeon
Na-yeon apologizes to Hong-jo

However, Hong-jo later realizes that Na-yeon only apologized to her because she is going to work at the City Hall, and she wants to have friends there. Furthermore, when she tells Sin-yu about her and Hong-jo’s past, she portrays herself as the victim. 

In Na-yeon’s story, she is the good person who befriended Hong-jo when no one else did, whereas Hong-jo is the girl who betrayed her best friend and stole her boyfriend. This is one of the many lies she tells Sin-yu.

Sin-yu’s fiancée is not so perfect 

Na-yeon has been dating Sin-yu for the past two years, and she is ready to get married to him. Sin-yu cannot marry her because he is sick and knows that his condition is only going to get worse. On top of that, he develops feelings for Hong-jo.

Due to that, Sin-yu breaks up with her without giving her a reason. However, Sin-yu’s father tells Na-yeon about Sin-yu’s illness, and Na-yeon decides to stay by Sin-yu’s side. She proposes to him, and they get engaged.

Destined with You Na-yeon
Na-yeon asks Sin-yu to marry her

Na-yeon then receives compromising photographs of Sin-yu and Hong-jo. She questions Sin-yu about them, and he makes no excuses. He is honest with her about his changing feelings, and Na-yeon still does not break up with him. She simply asks him to end his relationship with Hong-jo.

Na-yeon once again accuses Hong-jo of trying to steal her partner. She slaps Hong-jo, proving that she has not changed much from when she was in school; she is still a bully. 

It is also revealed that Na-yeon is cheating on Sin-yu. She is marrying him because she has to, not because she wants to. The girl Sin-yu thought was perfect turns out to be an extremely flawed person.

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