Jang Sin-yu: Destined with You character explained

In Destined with You, Jang Sin-yu is a successful and competent lawyer who is haunted by his past. Rowoon plays the role of Jang Sin-yu.

Jang Sin-yu is a man who seems to have a perfect life. He comes from a generations-old noble family that is very rich. He is the oldest son of the Poongsan Jang family, and his father is the chairman of a construction company. 

Despite that, Sin-yu chose to become a lawyer, and he is extremely good at his job. Everyone knows that Sin-yu does not care about how much he makes because of his family. However, what people do not know is that Sin-yu is cursed and that his life is taking a turn for the worse.

The cursed one

Although Sin-yu’s family has everything, the men in the family still do not live long. Sin-yu’s father had a close call years ago when Sin-yu was in high school. His father survived, but now Sin-yu is sick. 

Sin-yu is suffering from a vascular disease that causes headaches and trembling in his right hand. As it is a genetic disorder, it cannot be treated. The doctor believes that his condition will only get worse with time. 

The result might be a loss of sense in his hands and feet and language impairment. Due to this, Sin-yu’s father wants him to quit his job. His father knows that the disease cannot be cured, so he wants him to get married, but Sin-yu refuses. 

Sin-yu’s disease is a result of his past actions. He often feels the touch of a bloodied hand called the Red Hand. When Sin-yu is alone, the hand makes its appearance, and Sin-yu is used to it now. 

Destined with You Jang Sin-yu
The Red Hand caresses Sin-yu

Shaman Eun-wol tells Sin-yu that the owner of the hand was killed by him. She warns him that karma will strike, and Sin-yu will suffer a lot. He will be in a lot of pain, but that pain and all the curses will come to an end with the arrival of the owner of the wooden box, Lee Hong-jo.

Sin-yu finds the wooden box when the shrine is demolished and gives it to Hong-jo, who manages to open it and finds a book of spells in it. The book was written by a shaman centuries ago, and it contains a spell to cure diseases. This gives Sin-yu hope that he might get well.

Sin-yu’s disease does not stop him from living his life. He quits his job and starts working at the City Hall as a legal advisor. Sin-yu’s disease, his past, and even his job are in one way or another intertwined with Hong-jo, the woman who might be able to save him. 

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