Yaz’s death in Extraction 2 explained

In Extraction 2, Nik and Yaz join the action completely alongside Tyler Rake. However, Yaz doesn’t end up coming out of this new mission alive.

Nik is surprised that whoever offered them this new job approached Tyler first. Nik and Yaz still join Tyler and come up with an elaborate plan to rescue Tyler’s ex-wife’s sister, Ketevan, and her kids.

The first part of the plan goes really well. Despite some obstacles, the team successfully breaks Ketevan and her kids out of a Georgian prison. However, one of their own betrays them later, leaving Tyler’s team to run for their lives.

When does Yaz die?

Sandro, Ketevan’s son, who has been brainwashed by his drug lord father and uncle’s ideologies, overhears Yaz’s phone call and learns that they are being taken to Vienna for medical help.

Sandro despised his mother and Tyler for killing his father. Therefore, to make things right, he contacts his uncle, Zurab. Sandro tells Zurab about their location.

Zurab arrives with the whole cavalry, intending to kill every other person who is involved in the murder of his brother, Davit, who is also Ketevan’s husband. Sandro didn’t know things would go this bad. He even regrets calling Zurab after having a heart-to-heart conversation with Tyler.

Yaz's death in Extraction 2 explained 1
Yaz and Nike team up

During this second battle, Yaz makes some bold and risky decisions. For example, he chases Sandro, who attempts to switch sides and join his uncle.

Tyler’s team plans to escape with the help of the chopper at the top of the building they are in. Yaz faces a few gunshots while fighting one of Zurab’s mercenaries on the 57th floor when he comes to rescue Ketevan and her family.

Yaz is barely able to walk after those gunshots. On their way to the chopper, Zurab hits Yaz with a few more gunshots. Though Tyler’s entire team makes it to the helicopter, Yaz ends up dying on it after succumbing to his injuries.

Yaz’s body is brought to Tyler’s cabin in Gmunden, Austria. Tyler and Nik pay their respects to their fallen teammate. By the end of the movie, Tyler and Nik are the only surviving members of their team who are put in prison after they kill Zurab successfully.

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