Locked In summary and ending explained

In Locked In, a nurse unravels the secrets, rivalries, and infidelity in a coma patient’s family while trying to bring the patient back to her senses. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Plot summary

Katherine Carter has been in a coma since an accident. The condition she is in is called locked-in syndrome, in which, if Katherine is conscious, she can only communicate with a blink or the movement of her eye.

However, at the moment, Katherine’s good eye is not reacting at all. Hence, her neuroclinical nurse, Nicky Mackenzie, can’t figure out if she is conscious or just can’t control her eyes.

Nicky is not willing to give up. Katherine’s adopted daughter and daughter-in-law, Lina, is visiting her. Nicky gets to know her patient better from her.

Thirteen years ago, Katherine became Lina’s legal guardian after Lina’s mother’s death. Back then, Katherine was rich, famous, and glamorous. Lina looked up to Katherine and wanted her to love her. Lina was determined to save this family that she had gotten, as she couldn’t save her mother.

Everything turns upside down when Katherine’s husband passes away. It is revealed that he cut her out of his will and has left everything for his son Jamie.

Jamie and Lina share an unbreakable bond. They have both lost someone important in their lives. Jamie depends on her for everything, and Lina kind of feels like she needs him too. He becomes her life.

The two grow up to marry each other. Katherine isn’t pleased with this idea. She begins thinking that Lina is a treacherous gold digger. Marriage with Jamie isn’t easy either, as he is sick all the time.

Jamie gets addicted to his prescribed drugs. He locks himself inside his manor and never steps out. Lina is forced to stay in too and look after him. Even though Lina tells him to get off his pain medicines, he doesn’t listen.

Amidst all of this, Dr. Robert Lawrence, Jamie’s GP, advises Lina that she should look after herself too and have fun from time to time. Nicky remembers Robert. It turns out that Nicky has treated Jamie in the past and had called Robert out for irresponsibly prescribing medications with heavy dosages.

Robert and Lina develop an intimate relationship over time. Lina makes this move, fearing that she will be spending the rest of her life trying to fix someone who doesn’t want to be fixed.

Furthermore, Katherine not showing appreciation for what Lina has done for Jamie and her frustrates Lina, who then begins acting like the owner of the manor to Katherine.

Katherine carefully observes Robert and Lina’s bond. Lina’s feeling that she is not being appreciated by Jamie and Katherine keeps growing. Lina becomes so determined to leave with Robert that she is willing to do anything for him.

Locked In ending explained in detail:

What are Robert’s motives?

Lina lets Robert drown Jamie in the waters and make it look like an accident. Robert says their next step should be selling the manor and securing all the money they need for life.

Lina asks Robert if this is about money. She refrains from selling the manor because it is Katherine’s home.

Robert makes things worse by blackmailing Lina using Lina’s journal, in which she writes about her day-to-day life. She has also written about her murderous fantasies, and drowning Jamie has been mentioned in it.

Lina runs back home to look for Katherine. Robert also reaches there. Lina ends up seeing Robert making out with Katherine.

Why are Robert and Lina working together?

Initially, Robert and Katherine were working together and were plotting against Lina. They tried to stop Lina to make sure she didn’t go to the police. In an attempt to do so, Katherine got into a car accident.

Now, in the present, Katherine is responding with the blink of her eye. She hints to Nicky that someone tried to murder her. If the cops come into the picture, Katherine might end up pushing all the blame on Robert and Lina, who are behind Jamie’s death.

Hence, Robert and Lina are forced to work together. They kidnap Katherine from the hospital, plan to kill her at her mansion using drugs, and make up a story around it.

Why does Lina save Katherine?

While Lina and Robert are executing their one last crime, Lina receives a text from Nicky, who reveals that Katherine had tried to save Lina. When Katherine and Robert were chasing Lina, Katherine backed off from shooting Lina down.

Katherine told Robert that they have Lina’s journal; Lina won’t hurt them, so they don’t necessarily need to kill her. A furious Robert then crashed his car into Katherine and made Lina believe that Katherine was the one trying to kill her.

After learning the truth, Lina puts on an act and manages to stab Robert to death before he can kill Katherine. Nicky and the cops arrive at the scene. Lina wonders what Nicky is going to tell the cops as she holds Katherine’s hand.

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