Why did Victoria (Nadia) betray Stan Edgar in The Boys season 3?

Season 3 of The Boys revealed that Victoria Neuman and Stan Edgar have a particularly close relationship but that is put to the test in episode 4. The Boys is streaming on Prime Video.

Homelander’s ego has been growing to enormous levels so Stan Edgar decides to give him a small reminder of his place but when the time comes, he has the tables turned against him. Here’s a look at why Victoria betrayed Stan Edgar.

The birthday aftermath

Homelander went off on live television during his birthday celebration and while he did manage to improve his popularity among middle-aged white males, Stan Edgar wasn’t happy with this show of defiance.

Why did Victoria (Nadia) betray Stan Edgar in The Boys season 3? 1
Stan Edgar assuring Vicky that she and her daughter will be safe

He drops by Victoria’s house and tells her that she will need to put out a statement condemning Homelander for his outburst. She’s apprehensive of going up against Homelander but Stan insists that it only needs to be a mild citation to remind him of who’s boss.

The betrayal

When it comes time for the press conference, Stan Edgar is in attendance because he has a vested interest in the announcement. However, that’s when Victoria drops the bombshell.

She claims that Homelander has come forward as a whistleblower and accused Stan Edgar of blackmail, perjury and obstruction of justice, crimes that he will be investigated for by the FBSA.

Why did Victoria (Nadia) betray Stan Edgar in The Boys season 3? 2
Victoria throws Stan Edgar under the bus on live television

When Stan confronts her, she tells him that her only goal is to protect her daughter, and all her decisions are based on that one goal.

Stan is forced to take a leave of absence but he warns Homelander that this powerplay will only end up hurting the supe in the long run once the public realises what kind of a person he truly is.

Homelander pays Victoria a visit and reveals that Stan had her file from Red River at the ready, suggesting that Stan was ready to expose her if required.

Why did Victoria (Nadia) betray Stan Edgar in The Boys season 3? 3
Victoria uses the Compound V to turn her daughter into a supe

He also hands her a vial of the original Compound V as part of the deal he made for her support. Victoria uses the Compound V on her daughter so that she can be strong and always protect herself.

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