The Boys season 3 episode 4 recap & review: Glorious Five Year Plan

The Boy season 3 episode 4 follows the group’s search for a weapon in Russia that could potentially kill Homelander. The episode is now streaming on Prime Video.


Hughie has realised that Butcher took a temporary version of the Compound V to gain superpowers, but he assures him he had only one vial and won’t do it again. He also warns Hughie against telling the others.

Homelander criticises the corporates in a television interview. Victoria aka Nadia is told by Stan Edgar to publicly penalise him. While she is afraid of the supe, Stan assures her that he will keep her and her daughter Zoe safe.

Butcher asks Little Nina for her help to get to the weapon, but she asks for Cherie in return for her assistance.

Hughie is uncomfortable with the Homelander and Starlight’s fake realtionship, and the super uses this to rile him up, much to Starlight’s anger.

She meets with Queen Maeve, and the two band together to help Butcher in putting an end to Homelander once and for all.

Before Little Nina tells them the location of the weapon, she wants to assassinate someone who got in her bad books if they’re not going to give her Cherie. 

Butcher wants Kimiko to do it. When she tells him she’s not his gun, he rudely responds that she is, and everyone is supposed to do what he tells them to. He also tells M.M. that he was brought into The Boys to be the nice leader that Butcher himself isn’t.

During a meeting of The Seven, A-Train suggests taking action against a racist sure, but Deep intervenes and tells everyone why it’s a bad idea.

A-Train gets into a fight with him for butting in, and Homelander takes Deep’s hand and walks with him, leaving A-Train furious.

Supersonic, who was convinced to join the rebellion by Starlight, senses the frustration and asks him to join them.

Kimiko assassinates the Russian but is left gutted by how the women around him fear her. Victoria publicly reprimands Stan instead of Homelander, stating that he will be investigated for Obstruction of justice.

Homelander got to her. He offered Compound V for her daughter Nadia to keep her safe in the future. 

Butcher still has Temp V. Hughie asks for some of it as well, but Butcher replies that only a person without hope like himself deserves it.

Stan is suspended and tells Homelander that the situation will self-destruct soon. While there is nobody left to control the supe, nobody can clean up after him either.

The Boys arrive at the location, which includes a supe hamster. The rodent triggers the alarm and the Russian soldiers arrive.

The Boys are backed into a corner until Butcher uses his superpower to save them. It turns out that Hughie took Temp V as well. M.M. reprimands both for using it. Butcher is disappointed in Hughie for taking this path.

The weapon turns out to be Soldier Boy himself. When he attempts to blast the wall and Frenchie is in the way, Kimiko pushes him away and takes the hit herself.

The supe escapes but Frenchie notices that Kimiko isn’t healing. The Boys rush to get her help. Hughie seems more fascinated by his powers than worried about her, while Butcher thinks about Soldier Boy. Looking at the situation, M.M. tells Butcher he made sure there was no group left for him to lead.

Homelander shows Starlight the corpse of Supersonic. A-Train told him about their plan and he killed him. He warns her if she doesn’t follow his orders he’ll destroy Hughie the same way. She accepts but as he leaves she is filled with anger and wants nothing more than to kill him.


  • Another riveting episode where Homelander wreaks havoc. His move against Stan is extremely tactical and he’s slowly becoming unstoppable.
  • Butcher’s foreshadowed downfall now seems to include Hughie as well. The young man is becoming obsessed with the powers as well. The season is more complex than any before.
  • The Soldier Boy reveal, although underwhelming as it was already shown in the trailer, raises the stakes as Kimiko can’t heal after his attacks.
  • The foreshadowing of Frenchie and Kimiko’s separation is obvious, but when it happens, it’s still quite heartbreaking.

Rating: 4/5

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